If you are running hospital, blood bank, pharmacy, food services or a data center, then perhaps you have already seen that how temperature plays a huge role in maintaining the quality of medical products such as medicines, blood products, and other pharmaceutical goods. Having accurate temperature monitoring systems is necessary for having control on your products. TempGenius provides excellent quality wifi humidity monitoring and store monitoring systems.

Wifi humidity monitoring systems can be built in perfect conditions anywhere in residential or commercial buildings. These temperature sensors are readily available on the market and you can order them according to your specifications. If you need the best temperature or humidity monitors that work perfectly in a remote area, then TempGenius would be aperfect choice for you as it provides a reliable remote sensor for temperature and humidity that is produced in accordance with the latest standards and ensures maximum safety everywhere.

A WiFi quality sensor has the following features:

  • They are powered by batteries. So, if you have a power outage and don't have an instant backup, your WiFi sensor won't stop working.
  • WiFi sensors' sensor nodes interact directly with Industry Standard Access Points. That means, without wasting any time, more precision.
  • You don't need to attach any other devices with the WiFi sensors. So, that eliminates the hassle of purchasing expensive devices like routers, hosts, repeaters, and receivers.
  • These devices are capable of using all types of WPA, WPA2, and WEP encryption.

There are varieties of items which are dangerous because of poor environmental effects. However, with the assistance of storage monitoring device, you can save these products. Specific storage monitoring of refrigerators, freezers and warmers is important to ensure unwarranted protection and to stay consistent with the requirements of drug management and to prevent the loss of potentially costly items. So saving the wireless monitoring system for these essential items, TempGenius is the best option.

However, it is important to keep the temperature of your refrigerator at or below 40¬¬¬¬¬¬ degree F to save the food from and some instruments will help to meet your requirements. At TempGenius you can get exclusive range of temperature sensing instruments for refrigerator temperature monitoring. Here, you will get expert advice on how to preserve the temperature of your refrigerator as it is important for us to keep food out of temperature hazard zone.

A storage monitoring systems has the following features:

  • Gap-free logging of data provides you with a complete audit trail. Battery-powered loggers are resistant to power outages and network failures. It has up to 10 years of battery life.
  • Can be installed 24/7 fridge / freezer alarm via text, email, local warning, dial-out and more. It is easy-to-configure. It is fast, simple installation in fridges and freezers with both wired and wireless connectivity.
  • It is a scalable remote monitoring from a single fridge, freezer or cold room, anywhere in the world, to multiple facilities.
  • Save on IT and installation expenses by conveniently connecting to your network.

However, if you are looking for reliable and affordable monitoring systems, then you have no need to look further just contact to TempGenius. This is a #1 highly reliable wifi humidity monitoring and storage monitoring platform.

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