Congratulations, Now that you have taken the first step towards identifying Inbound Marketing as a crucial piece of your overall Marketing strategy, In this blog today we Intend to share our list of some golden Inbound Marketing tools a savvy marketer can't live without.

Inbound Marketing is a constant process that requires planning, research & commitment. You already know that inbound marketing revolves around the 4 main concepts - Attract, Convert, Close & Delight, As is a result driven process - Marketing managers need to make sure that the results of their inbound marketing strategy are measurable & profitable.

Here's a list of some noteworthy inbound marketing tools that you can use to grow your visitors, leads & customers.

Marketing Automation Tools


Hubspot is first on the list & quite deservingly so as it was particularly created to help businesses devise & execute their inbound strategy. With countless software tools bundled together, it helps in email marketing, blogging, content management, social media management, marketing automation, and much much more.

Using Hubspot you can create reports easily giving you insight into traffic, visits and leads over time to track your ROI.

Hubspot Focal Points:

Smart Content - Which allows for targeting customers based on the information you already have about them
Design templates for non-designers - Which allows you to make beautiful websites, landing pages, even if you're not a designer.
All-in-one SEO Platform - Gives you freedom from all the different SEO plugins
Key integrations with leading software solutionsIntelligent Analytics
Everything happens under one dashboard - Analyze ROI, Receive comprehensive reports, Track and nurture leads

Website Analytics Tools

Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a one shop stop for everything relating to tracking, analytsing & reporting of website data. From the number of visitors to their geographies, demographics, and behaviours, there is nothing you that cannot find your audience with this tool.

Google Analytics Focal Points:

You don’t have to pay monthly fees.
Powerful customizable reports
Handy way of tracking campaigns
Send reports periodically via email
Powerful integration with Ad Words

Adobe Analytics

It allows you to inspect into massive amounts of generated data, focusing things like customer segmentation, marketing analytics, real-time analysis rules, and a host of dashboards. Adobe Analytics is a suitable tool for understanding what’s happening on your site, and the user interface is much less daunting than Google Analytics.

Adobe Analytics Focal Points

Easy to integrate each system which helps in understanding individual data that relates to your marketing campaigns and website as a whole
Excellent social analytics
Centralized location to build customer profiles, access content and reporting, collaborate with team members, and integrate data.


Webtrends is offered in the SaaS model & is a highly customisable tool providing page-level clickstreams. It services thousands of enterprise customers offering advanced analytics and support.

Search Engine Analytics Tools

Google Webmasters

The best way to understand how Google sees your site is to ask Google. Google's Webmaster Tools are friendly resources that explain the fundamentals of Google search. Google webmasters allows to check indexing status and optimise visibility of websites.


SEMrush has a comprehensive dashboard that reports on the performance of domains as a whole and their specific pages. It is a powerful competitive intelligence suite for online marketing that covers all aspects of SEM– organic to paid version. Some of the areas it can help you in are organic research, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, display research, keyword research are just.


Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is the best way to save time while taking care of the on-page SEO factors. You can easily find the outbound and inbound links along with the URLs. SEO spider identifies the permanent and temporary redirects and also provides follow and nofollow tags for links.

Screaming Frog Focal Points

Internal pages: a summary of all the pages and other resources like images
Any external links to the site
Response codes: it shows response codes as well as redirected URLs for every source
URI: URL details
Page titles: the details on all the page titles on the site
Meta keywords: details on all the site’s meta keywords
Meta descriptions
Custom: the custom source code searches of the site

Content Creation & Collaboration Tools



A social media analytics tool with a powerful social media search engine that enables the users to find & analyse best content in any niche. This content marketing tool helps you to improve your reach and influencer marketing by searching for key influencers in any topic area and following them directly in BuzzSumo. Its users can now export all the data such as content curators, influencers and most shared content as a CSV or Excel file for detailed analysis.

Remember that, arming yourself with so many tools may overcomplicate the content creation process. Before you include BuzzSumo in your arsenal, consider the following pros and cons of this tool:


Ease of use, flexibility and customizability
Provides a wealth of ideas for content creators
Boost Twitter growth and outreach
Allows you to perform link-building alongside your content creation.

Entry-level pricing plan is too restrictive
Not for new bloggers

Hemingway App

It’s a text editor that helps you to assess how readable your content is. This is important because content creators often overlook how their content would be perceived by the reader.

Hemingway Cons

Complex words or phrases
Extra-long sentences
Long sentences
Too many adverbs
Too many instances of passive voice


It’s also in the league of great content marketing tool for businesses it’s a better alternative for those who do not have a content writer in their company. Their team of (qualified) writers delivers all kind of content that includes blogs, website content, content, e-commerce, press releases, articles and email writing services.

Social Media & Community Management Tools



World’s leading professional network that will really helps you in managing your identity & boost your lead generation strategy if your audience belongs to B2B marketplace. If ads are not your style you can run an In-mail campaign where you can send direct messages to your targeted audience.


Youtube has reached 1 billion visitors per month and these figures shows that almost one-third of all the people online. This figure makes Youtube a significant asset for an inbound marketer. Its ads can really facilitate you if your product is B2C. You can run Youtube advertisements directly via Google Adwords account.


A well-known Q&A website that has around 100 million monthly visitors. Members of this community can submit questions as well as answer in threads that are based on a large number of different topics. What’s great about Quora is participating in Q&A can help you build up authority, which eventually leads to improved strategy. Moreover, users can publish posts on their own ‘Quora blog’. This is another great way of getting additional exposure.


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Author's Bio: 

Ricky Makan is a Senior Digital Marketing Consultant & founder of Absoltz Internet Marketing SEO Agency in Sydney Australia, with over 10 years online experience. He has helped businesses of all sizes increase the return on investment from their online marketing spend.