Away home, what is that one thing which you badly miss? It is the taste of homemade food, right? You may get everything in a foreign country but are less likely to find the original desi delicacy out there. Miles away in outside geography, you even have to compromise on the quality of food and forget your originality for some time. However, exceptions are always there. There are some of the most distinct restaurants, hotels or eating outlets in the world which have crafted a rare identity of themselves and, together with their ambiance, service, and cordiality, they are known for their great-tasting Indian savor. One such restaurant, notably the best Indian restaurants in Muscat, better known for high-quality food, delicious specialties, and quick service is Café T!

Excellent place to drop in!

Located at a strategically suitable place in Ghala, Café T is the fond choice for most foodies – those already living out there in Muscat or those who have come down here for some purpose. The chic eating outlet offers an interesting and quality time of togetherness and so is a profound place for friends and families for a solacing break. The attraction of the striking ambiance at Café T gets multiplied when one enters the restaurant and experiences the tasty fragrance of food delicacies here. If you have missed the traditional taste for some time now, Café T has it all to fill that void. The dishes you see on the list and getting served here may be familiar to you, but the taste promises distinction. This is the result of some innovative initiative of the Chefs at Café T who take special note of this and let your taste buds enjoy the desi delicacies with a different twist.

Exceptional varieties of foods, best to choose!

Café T is especially recognized as the best bistro for South Indian dishes. The full range of South Indian taste, from Idli to Dosa and Uttam to Medu Vada, has been presented at the plush hotel. Your experience gets better with the quality of food and you are glad you got some really healthy food to munch. The restaurant which is open for almost 14 hours a day puts forth a reasonably good menu in front of you. You don’t confuse in terms of choices because the ala carte is not stuffed with items. You can easily zero down on what to eat with the choices offered here! In the morning hours, when the tone is all set for a South Indian dish, your first preference can be a healthy combo pack of 4 idlis and a surprise inclusion of Medu Vada, to make a heavy brunch; or it can also be just Idli-Sambar-Chutney to stay full throughout the day. Other items in the South Indian segment are equally good to match your appetite as well as satiate your hunger, whether you go for a vegetable-stuffed Masala Dosa, light but original Plain Dosa, couple of Medu Vada pieces or a unique Set Dosa. Rava Dosa and Uttapam are any days the easy access to your satisfy yourself.

If you are open to some spice with the original Punjabi flavor, you may order any or all from among Chola Bhatura, Aloo Paratha, Paneer Paratha or Poori Bhaji. Varieties at Café T help you change the mood with their amazing assortment of fast foods that include sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, French fries and cheese rolls. Combine your serving with some tangy and thick vegetable soup and you are freshened up for rest of the day. Last but not the least, and you are going to love this one! Park your car somewhere in external space and just order what you want. This takeout option at this best Indian restaurant in Muscat is incredible – particularly when you want to enjoy the original desi fervor without intimidating your privacy.

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A part of the colossal Al Tasnim Group, this little enclave in Ghala is a pure vegetarian restaurant that offers authentic Indian food in Muscat with a unique twist. If you are looking for a compact space & some much-needed quality time with family and friends, this is the place to go to.