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Rugs are essential to interior spaces and are used widely in homes, offices, cafes, restaurants, and even retail stores. Rugs are most commonly used in living rooms across the world, and they can add a layer of visual appeal to your living space. Residential interior designers in Mumbai put a lot of effort into finding the right rug for living rooms and go that extra mile for that perfect piece of exquisite and beautiful cloth which covers the floor of the living room. Rugs which are commonly referred to as carpets in India, come in endless varieties, and some places like Kashmir have gained worldwide fame for their high quality and intricately designed floorcloths. If your living room lacks a rug and you are thinking about buying one, read our guide first that will tell you the best tips for living room rugs, from an interior designer’s perspective:

Makeover: Want to give your home a quick makeover? Getting a new rug is the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to do so! Other options like repainting walls, or getting expensive paintings and other home decor items take a lot of time, effort and money. The singular purchase of a good quality rug can transform the aesthetics of your home and if you are looking for a quick and peppy makeover, look no further!

Size: Once you have made the decision of buying a rug, the next consideration that will follow, is of size. It's important to note that rugs do not have to cover all the floor of the living area, and is usually placed according to the placement of your couches and other seating. Getting a rug too big or too small, won't have the desired effect on the interior, so before heading out rug shopping, get the dimensions of your living room right. Find something that covers not more than 60% of the area and you should be good to go with your new living room!

Placement: As we have told you before that rug is usually placed in alignment with couches and other seating provisions of the living room. A Rug should not be left in the middle of the room, where it can look out of place and floating. Rugs are best suited to create a center point between couches and chairs and can look great when placed towards the edges of rectangular or square living rooms.

Matching walls: It's not a bad idea at all to match your rug with your walls. If you have patterns on your walls like geometrical figures, try to find a rug which is similar so as to maintain consistency in the overall design. Do not try to match exact shades of colors, as they can look a bit odd.

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