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Top of the chart IVF Centre/ Test Tube Baby clinic now In Punjab. Infertility is not a rare complication now a day. Due to change in lifestyle and other health factors, the number of infertile couples is on a continuous hike since last few decades. With the increase in a number of infertile couples, the demand for infertility treatments is also increased. This factor is further boosted by the great advancement in the field of medical technology. IVF or test tube baby is becoming the preference of many couples to fulfill their dream of having a child. Some medical issues that affect fertility might be beyond your control. But there is no need to worry. As a leading infertility clinic of the country, we are here to assist you with best medical facilities and consultation to bring the dream of a child from your heart into your arms. Janamfertilitycentre is one of the first infertility treatment centres to bring closed working chamber technology in the country to improve IVF success rates. In a short span of 6 years, Janamfertilitycentre has crossed the milestone of 20,000 successful IVF. Incorporating with state of the art technology for infertility treatment, Janamfertilitycentre has established its centers throughout the country to world class treatments to couples situated in any corner of the country. IVF treatment is recommended for women whose first-line fertility treatments have not been successful or who suffer from certain other health situations or conditions. IVF technique was developed to provide fertility for women with tubal factor infertility (non-functioning fallopian tubes). With time and major enhancement in technology, IVF treatment is no longer considered as last resort. In fact, IVF is often getting opted as the first-line treatment. IVF is often the treatment of choice for couples in who are experiencing male factor infertility, particularly with intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), a procedure in which one sperm is injected directly into the egg. You need to get in touch with your doctor if you are having frequent unprotected sex and not getting pregnant in the duration of a year if you're younger than 35 or after six months if you're 35 or older. Depending on the circumstances, both you and your partner might need medical evaluations. Our doctor can help you determine whether there's an issue that requires a specialist or treatment at a fertility clinic. Spreading throughout the nation, we have established IVF Centre in Punjab / Test Tube Baby clinic in Punjab to bring the joy of parenthood in your lives. Our fertility specialist in Punjab are readily available to address all your fertility related issues, consultancy and treatments throughout the week. Well if you are looking for a specialized IVF centre in Punjab equipped with modern medical technology and infertility treatments, you days of wait are over because Janamfertilitycentre centre is now open in Punjab. You can seek best in class treatment under highly experienced fertility experts at affordable rates. So if you want more information, about IVF Centre in Punjab, infertility treatment Doctors. You can contact us here for a free second opinion and our IVF specialists in Punjab will answer all your queries. For more fertility based news and reports you can follow us on these social media platforms Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter.

Janam fertility centre is providing you the best infertility treatments at affordable cost.

Treatments We Offer

HSG is an X-ray test which is performed to detect female fertility potential. It is a radiology test which is done by inserting dye into the uterus. If the dye passes through the fallopian tubes then they are open but if dye spills in abdomen then they are blocked. In case the tubes are blocked, right treatment is provided to open the tubes. If the tubes cannot be opened the patient is counseled for IVF.

IUI treatment or intrauterine insemination is the process of separating fast moving sperms from non-moving sperms and then inserting them directly into the uterus of the woman during the ovulation period. This enhances the chances of pregnancy and the procedure is painless and simple.

It is the most successful method of fertility treatment which combines sperm, eggs, uterus and tube to make a baby. If other initial methods do not work for couples then IVF is suggested which helps women conceive easily. Janam Fertility centre has state of the art facilities of IVF for the childless couples.

In this process a single sperm is injected into an egg which enables fertilization easily. This treatment has high success rates in case male partner has low sperm production. It is a boon for those individuals who are unable to conceive through other treatments.

• Embryo Freezing (Vitrification)
In the laboratory of Janam fertility Centre, you can get Embryo frozen in liquid nitrogen to be used later during IVF. This lab is constantly monitored and supervised by specialists and is licensed to provide all these treatments. These embryos are frozen for future use and are beneficial for childless couples.

• Surrogacy program
Surrogacy is a ray of hope for childless couples for whom other treatments are ot working. Janam Fertility centre helps in surrogacy program and couple scan have their genetic baby with help of other woman who can carry the baby easily.

• Donor program
Janam Fertility centre provides Egg donor program for those couples in need of egg donors. Many times couples get their own donors but in case they do not have them, then our centre provides egg donors for IVF treatment. Ovarian eggs are mostly sourced from young and fertile donors and Janam fertility Centre provides such donors to individuals who require them.

Many times the cause of being childless is the male infertility, which is treated at the Janam Fertility centre. For male infertility, they are treated by specialists after semen analysis that helps them recover from the problem through medicines or other treatments depending on the causes.

• Sperm freezing
Treatments offered by Janam fertility centre includes sperm freezing in which sperm from male partner is frozen to be used in future, when female ovulation period starts or when female partner has been completely cured to get the sperms injected. They are mostly used in IUI or IVF cases.

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