The vacations are fast-approaching and we need to gather all our gifts before it's too late. We need to give gifts to special people - mother, children, father, sister, grandma, co-workers, and some friends. You make the perfect surprise giver that is why people love you. You may share with all of them or maybe choose anyone this year but all you have to do now is to think of a special surprise that they will truly treasure.

Jewelry can be the best gift idea that you can give your loved-ones, not the expensive ones, but the ones that they can wear and maintain. Inexpensive but beautifully-designed charms are away in the market and you just have to find them. It can be perfect if you can find personal necklaces and necklaces.instead of wall-decor Here are some recommendations that you can give special people this holiday season.

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Mommy & Dad cuff bracelet

These sterling silver wristband bracelets can be a sweet and excellent gift idea that you may give your mom and dad, even your grandma and grand daddy. These are usually easy to customize where you can dash your mom and father's names on each band piece. Search for gold variations of these bracelets if your parents or grandma and grandpa prefer gold than silver precious metal. Honeycomb Jewelry Organizer

Sisterhood bracelet

You can find either white or pink pearl sisterhood bracelets that are perfect to give your pals and BFF. This may also be a great piece to provide your daughter and other young women in your house. A high level 0 girl and you have a sister, this can be a perfect treat with her also to yourself. Make an effort to find this type of thing where you can add a necklace and engrave a name on it.Woman rings

Women Jewelry (Necklace, Earrings, Bracelets, Rings)

Living in my dreams... ♥


I am Sandra running my small handmade jewelry business in Lithuania.

My creative journey began four years ago when I realized that I want to do something different in my life. I have always enjoyed magic and mystery, so I decided to materialize it through these gorgeous charms.

One day I posted some of my creations online and then my dream became even more real. I quit my day job and spent every day in my apartment, which turned into one big workshop.

I design every piece with the intent to cast a spell over the wearer and transport you to another world. By way of enchanting earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and much more, I wish to provide expressions of my passions, making them accessible to anyone and everyone.

With a pinch of pixie dust, a touch of moonstone, a strand of unicorn hair, and of course, SomeMagic, I materialize my fantasy world into tiny, beautiful realities that you can hold in the palm of your hand.

Add SomeMagic to your life and experience the wonder for yourself.


I actually is talking about the silver and gold bangle and not the plastic-type ones. This can be a present that you can give any woman especially the active ones. You can give this to teens and office women because it can fit their hip personality. Mainly because it is created from stable gold or silver, you will be able to let their names imprinted in those pieces.

IDENTITY tag bracelet

You may choose so many ID label bracelets that are fit for all ages and any gender. If you want to buy an item of charms to everyone that is cheaper and customized, this can be the perfect surprise to give. You may surprise this to your dad, close friend, sister, co-worker, and friends.

Mothers necklaces

Mothers anklet bracelets are specially made for mothers which are generally made of either drops or pearls with rare metal and silver chains and pendant. Just like any other pieces, you can also find something like this that can be personalized.

Name necklace

This kind of necklace is obviously customizable because you can choose to make the name as the pendant. This can be made of precious metal or silver and they are perfect gifts to your friends or children.

Those are just few of my suggestions. I am hoping that you enjoy supplying gifts and feel the satisfactions of seeing them happy with those shows.

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