These days selling your home is extremely competitive. You have to know what to do to have the best price, have the best deal and make the sale even if you are selling Real Estate in Franklin or Brentwood, Tennessee. Monte Mohr and his team definitely have the secrets and Monte is joining us now.

It is that time of year; it’s very tough but a lot of folks still need to sell despite the economy. Maybe they’ve just outgrown their home, whatever their situation is, so tell us what you all are doing and how your program is working.

About two years ago I noticed that a lot of people wanted to take advantage of this great time to buy a home but they had one to sell. I thought, "Wouldn’t it be great if I could give people an advantage in selling their home right now by lowering their cost to do so?" So if I could lower their cost to do so, then they could price their homes better and more competitively and out price the competition, therefore, sell their homes quicker. That’s how I started my home-selling program.

Okay, let’s talk about the difference in your program and what’s called a discount brokerage firm; what are the differences here?

Typically a discount broker puts your home on MLS for $500 dollars and then you’re pretty much left on your own to do the rest of it. There’s really not a whole lot of other backup or assistance in staging your home, or helping it price correctly, or creating flyers for marketing, or open houses, or providing personal service; and no one shows up at closing. I just closed a home recently and nobody was there except the seller. There’s no help in assisting with repair needs after the inspection. Again, that closing time is so crucial because it’s one thing to sell your home in today’s market but it’s another thing to get to the closing table.

Okay, let’s talk about what you do; you kind of mentioned part of this, but do you provide everything that you just mentioned?

Yes, I do all of that plus I’m available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. I love what I do. I absolutely love what I do.

What can a seller expect if they were to use your program?

All of the above and of course, the 24 years of experience. I’ve sold over 2,000 homes in the last 24 years and it's not rocket science but it is a challenging market out there. There are a lot of pit falls. I wouldn’t want to try to sell my home on my own if I wasn’t doing it on a regular basis in today’s economy; I just wouldn’t try it.

Lets walk through the commission structure and how it compares with what a traditional agent would make. Then explain how your program works and what you do - we have some graphic support for this so we can kind of talk the folks through it.

Sure, typically an agent would charge somewhere around 6 percent to sell a home. That six percent as you can see in the net. The problem is, when somebody is trying to accomplish a certain net result, that extra 3 percent that a typical agent is charging causes that home to be priced higher than what I could provide in my scenario. I can turn around and list that same home for less. In this case we showed one last week that I listed for less than $150,000 by charging only 3 percent commission, therefore giving them a far greater advantage of selling their home much quicker than they could have at a higher price.

So the bottom line is that your saving them money on the front end and that’s how they are able to drop the price; then obviously it’s going to sell much quicker. You have so many testimonials. We have one that we are going to share today.

I just recently helped a retired lady sell her home. Now this is all the money she had. She’s a retired widower. All the money that she had was in this house, so saving that 3 percent was a huge deal for her. Then I went to bat to help her negotiate the best deal possible on the purchase of her next home. With my program, you get all the service for selling your home for free, and then I help you turn around and buy another home. And again, I bring 20 years of experience to help you accomplish the best possible.

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