Smart knee replacement is fast track knee recovery technique. It's a precise way of doing knee replacement surgery which ensures a consistent... For more details, please visit
SMART Knee Replacement is a flawless way to treat the patients who ought to undergo the knee replacement surgery with a splendid rule for the physician and the anesthesiologist to administer “minimal anesthesia with maximum pain relief” which aims to ensure there is a reproducible outcome to the physician in delivering good results with a higher level of satisfaction for the patients.The SMART Knee Replacement is a novel and multi-modal approach that has been progressively evolved by Dr Bharath taking the cues from his distinct experiences with a lot more thousands of knee replacements besides mentoring from legendary surgeons in the field of knee replacements. The sophisticated techniques with precise tools used for the fast-track recovery made Dr Bharath a pioneer in SMART Knee replacement with all its unique characteristics, and protocols providing exceptional orthopedic care.

Key insights of fast-track recovery
Fast Track Knee Replacement follows the “Enhanced Recovery Pathway” by which the joint pain or acute knee problems can be operated by adopting highly specialized surgical techniques using the preoperative, intra-operative, and post-operative protocols. The key element is performing minimally invasive total knee replacements with technically advanced procedures, enabling a speedy recovery and greater patient satisfaction where the patients are discharged in a shorter time span with negligible pain (i.e.) the surgical time is just 20 minutes compared to the standard protocols requiring 2. 30 to 3.00 hours.

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We at Bharath Orthopaedics never use opioids for pain reliefs or tourniquets as it can avoid drowsiness, vomiting, and avoids complications like respiratory depression. Painless surgery motivates the psychology of the patient to ambulate early and climb stairs using support on day one.