Driving at night is swift if you have good headlights as it eliminate the guesswork about what lies ahead. High-quality headlights show you the way at night as they can slice through the dark in every kind of weather and provides you better night visibility. But traditional halogen headlight bulb doesn’t provide much visibility and over a period of time their brightness blurs. But this is not the case with LED headlight bulbs as they don’t contain a filament and work differently. This is the reason that best LED headlights bulb kits are in huge demand these days and there are many types of LED headlights kits available in marketplaces. But before going into the details about which are the best LED headlights bulb kits you should understand why your vehicle needs LED headlight bulb kit so that you can understand their usability.

• LED headlight Bulbs lasts longer than traditional halogen headlights.
• LED headlight bulbs are more energy efficient and don’t drain the battery much.
• LED headlights bulbs have a fast response time to on and off quickly.
• LED headlight bulbs produces clean light for better visibility on dark roads.
• LED headlight bulbs don’t get affected by cold temperature.
• LED headlight bulbs provide your vehicle with a sharper look.

Now coming to the list of some of the best LED headlights that are known for their superior quality and long lasting abilities. The list is formulated based on various LED headlights review by different customers and considering other factors.

1. HIKARI LED Conversion Kit CREE XHP50

It has a very good output and has very easy installation. The bulbs put out 9600 lumens that is a perfect fit for every road situation. The material quality is also very solid.


• Economical price
• Cree XHP50
• Easy to install

2. OPT7 FluxBeam LED Headlight Conversion Kit

It helps you transform your halogen headlights into LEDs. It pulls 80 watt with both bulbs and the bulbs put out 7,000 lumens. It instantly turns-on with no warm-up time needed. It is heat protected and can last for 50,000 hours.


• Arc Glass Lens with no black spots
• IP67 Waterproof and rain-resistant
• CREE MK-R LED on-board
• 2-Year warranty

3. Glowteck EXTREME360

The material and build quality is superior and the aluminum is all good. It is very well constructed and the diodes are also placed very well. It has a very easy plug and play installation.


• CREE XHP50 LED chips
• AirFLUX Dual Cooling Technology
• Water resistant
• Great brightness

4. Simdevanma All-in-One Kit

The bulbs put out 8,000 lumens and is rated at 6,000K for color temperature. External LED driver is not present. It has a waterproof and shockproof body.


• Philips LED chips
• Easy plug-n-play installation
• Dark spots removal technology
• 2-Years warranty
• No external driver

5. Kensun Kit with Cree Chips

Kensun is known for the best aftermarket HID headlights. The bulbs put out 3000 lumens with instant turn-on and no warm-up time period.


• CREE LED chips
• IP68 Waterproof
• 2-Year Warranty
• Good technical support

6. AuxBeam F-S2 Bridgelux COB DRL Highbeam LED

The bulbs put out 4,000 lumens and pulls 72 watt with both bulbs. It comes with aircraft grade aviation aluminum case.


• Good material and build quality
• Bridgelux COB chip (USA)
• High speed mute fan (12000R/Min) technology.

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