Ecology, inconsistent nutrition, toxins in hair care products and different weather conditions can take a toll on your locks. That’s sad, but you can effortlessly recover them. Check out these best lifestyle changing tips provided by the top specialist at the best salon NYC, which can change your life for better!

#1 Nutrition
Struggle from hair loss, breakage, and thinness? It can be a reason of inconsistent diet and short of vitamins and minerals. The great news is that you can reduce these problems in a very straightforward and fast way. Eat more nuts and seeds; they are full of vitamins A, E and fats, which are so helpful for quicker and stronger tresses growth and the health of a scalp as well. Iron is an essential element for hair straightening, so add more green leafy plants to your daily nutrition. Moreover, vegetables are full of vitamin C and cellulose. The first helps to have a high immunity, giving your locks strength, and the last helps the body to remove the toxins.

#2 Organic hair care products
Each girl wants her tresses to be gorgeous and manageable, but if you use commercial hair care products with sulfates, alcohol, parabens, and silicone - they can’t be healthy. These toxins dry scalp, locks and, moreover, increase a possibility of cancer. There are so many natural organic products, which can provide you with deep and gentle caring. Of course, they cost on $5-10 more, but what is more important to you - $10 or health?

#3 Reduce heating
Everyday hair styling is the most harmful thing you can do for tresses. Of course, sometimes girls need to look perfect with a great hairstyle and makeup, but not every day, do you agree? Give your locks a rest at least 3-4 times per week: let them air dry, don’t use a curling iron and don’t style with mousse, spray, etc. You can look so gorgeous just in a natural way!

#4 Still smoking?
It is the most disgusting and harmful habit ever. It can bring you nothing, just stinking and risk of a cancer disease. But how does smoking affect our tresses? It provokes premature ageing, thinness, colourless and hair loss. Of course, it will be tough to stop smoking, but at least try to think about all these things when you will take the next cigarette.

#5 Alcohol
Drinking too much alcohol provokes body dehydration which leads to a hair over dryness as well. Just make a golden rule to drink enough amount of water every time you drink alcohol. You should also try to drink red or white dry wine instead of strong and sweet drinks. It is less harmful to the body.

We know that any lifestyle change can be tough mentally and physically as well, but remember that we live only once and if you want to be healthy, beautiful, active, and productive all the time, you should start right now.

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