‘To cut or not to cut?’ - a serious question for many men who don’t know what hairstyle they want to wear. We asked the best specialists at the barber shop in New York City to tell us about the coolest and fashionable hairstyles for the long mane, which your favorite celebs wear, so check them out and get inspired to find your own style.

# 1 Colin Farrell
A middle length hair and a short beard with a moustache look truly terrific and cool. If you one of those guys who have straight mane - you should try this style. The great thing is that you can make a man bun if you don’t want it to hinder you during daily workouts.

# 2 Brad Pitt
He is an icon of fashion among men. If you want to look manly and smart at the same time, try to experiment with a dapper goatee-bob. It looks amazing without any special treatment or styling products. Just let the mane down and stay cool.

# 3 Christian Bale
Such a mystery haircut makes you look smart. Medium length mane or maybe longer looks great with a middle part styling and adding a beard. Very simple, with no treatment you can look handsome.

# 4 Johnny Depp
The king of a mane bob, he started to make an ombre while women even didn’t know what it is. It looks especially cool and smart with adding glasses in your style. Again, long mane without any special treatment and styling products can look great.

# 5 Tom Cruise
This guy looks like he doesn’t care at all about his style. And actually, there is something special in such look. Just don’t go to the hairdresser for 1-2 month and don't trim the facial hair - that’s all you need to look like a real artist.

# 6 Chris Hemsworth
After Thor movie, we can’t imagine Chris without those locks. Looks so sexy and magnificent when the medium hair length is simply slicked back with a hand. Again, very simple in styling, such hairstyle looks fantastic.

# 7 Orlando Bloom
We saw Orlando Bloom`s long, silver – blonde hair for the first time in famous film The Lord Of The Rings about twelve years ago. It is impossible to deny the fact that he looked absolutely gorgeous with it, playing his one of the greatest roles of elf.

# 8 Josh Holloway
Here is one of the most outstanding characters of endless TV series “Lost” that was extremely popular several years ago. Josh spot this long haired look for the whole period of shooting, and conquered women`s hearts all over the world with his gorgeous mane.

# 9 Jared Leto
No long-haired top can deal without Jared Leto. Rumor has it that Jared secretly found the fountain of youth and don’t want to share it with everybody. Nevertheless, he reminds us a Jesus with his long hair and looks absolutely stunning.

# 10 Ashton Kutcher
We got used to see young and active Ashton Kutcher with short, neatly groomed hairstyle. He definitely surprised all his fans, embracing almost shoulder length bob.

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