Today, WhatsApp is one of the most indispensable applications in any smartphone. A few years ago it started to get fashionable and is now found on almost any Smartphone.

Thanks to this application we can talk for free and immediately with anyone in our environment. Leaving in this way, completely obsolete to the outdated text messages.

Therefore, we have reached a new dimension in terms of personal relationships, now at any time we can be in communication with the most important people in our lives, and even if we do not live in the same city or in the same country, we can send them a message of WhatsApp immediately.

Even in love relationships has been a revolution, now there is no reason to wait to tell that special person how much you love her and what she means to you. Simply send a nice phrase from WhatsApp, or directly put your feelings in the status of that application.

So that you have enough ideas about what you can put, then we leave you with the best Messages and love Status for WhatsApp

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