Best Dancer In India Male Karan Singh Nirwan was born in the beautiful city Ajmer in Rajasthan. The father of the naughty child was employed in Indian Railway, and the loving mother was a homemaker. The boy went to Jawahar Senior Secondary school of Ajmer. The loveable kid was fascinated with creative arts like sketching and dancing more than studying. He was fond of sports and loved boxing the most. The student actively participated in dance and boxing events and impressed the audience with his celebrated skills. The game was the goal of the pupil’s life, and dance was just a hobby. Karan Singh Nirwan won prizes in many contests of dancing and boxing and made his school honoured with all the success. The persevering player was selected as the captain of the boxing squad in the school and university. He got admission to the Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati University in Ajmer for completing education in a post-graduation in the field of Arts.

But instead of taking up a desk job, Karan Singh Nirwan began to concentrate on dance after completing his studies to become a choreographer in India. The sportsperson even took part in several State and National tournaments of boxing and even won prizes at several matches. While growing, the talented man began to pursue dance by himself without any professional training. The elegant dancer took part in various dance competitions even after the discouragement of society and family. Still, the ambitious guy grabbed all the opportunities he received for dancing in front of the audience in all small and large gatherings to fulfil his dream. More often, he began to have big arguments with his father as Karan Singh Nirwan was not ready to have a 9 to 5 job. The mother and elder brother of the passionate star were the only people who supported and encouraged him to take his desire as a professional career.

This Indian Choreographer Karan Singh Nirwan performed at the Ajmer Idol in 2005 and successfully gained first prize at the grand event. As a result, the entertainer obtained a bike and cash prizes for his victory. The loved ones supported the boy after the achievement as his skills brought pride to their household. Life changed for the youngster after the success and became a popular household name in the town. The skilful dancer began dance classes to teach students who want to learn the art form. Subsequently, he stood first in all the interstate and district competitions from the year 2005 to 2010. The hard work and determination of the best dancer in India male paid off within a short time. In 2007, the guy choreographed dance steps for a Bollywood movie, ‘ Abhimanyu The Real Hero’. But in 2009, while Karan Singh Nirwan was preparing for the audition of the popular show Dance India Dance, he lost the strongest pillar of his life, who was his mother, due to some severe health condition. The heartbroken boy was depressed after the death of his mom. It took a lot of time for him to recover from the sadness to restart the journey of dance.

Karan Sinh Nirwan had choreographed lovely steps for more than 25 Rajasthani songs Album. Then in 2012, the talented guy went on to be part of the Sufi International Kathak, and his mesmerizing performance impressed the spectators. The work of the skilful artist was noted, and the entertainer became very popular. He has several times recieved opportunities to work with famous personalities like dancer Dharmesh and singer Darshan Rawal at national and international events. Subsequently, In 2014, the choreographer and his friends started Ajmer Dance Club to tutor children and youngsters with different forms of dance as it was the dream of the dancer to train others. The best dancer of India male choreographer Karan choreographed an entertaining act for an International show, Ras-el-khelam, in Dubai in 2017, and it impressed the viewers. Later in 2019, Karan Singh started an event management company, which was named Bandhan Sutra. The company organizes huge events and function around the globe on a large scale.

Karan Singh Nirwan worked on boxing and dance, and he gave the best performance for both his passion. Later, when everyone opposed him from taking dance as a career, the best dancer in India male motivated himself and made all his dreams come true. The talented boy not only achieved fame but also began to teach others. The guy's life teaches us to be determined and work hard to accomplish every goal in our lives, even if any obstacle blocks the path.

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