Forget what you see in the movies where the best man stands up and gives an impromptu witty and heartfelt speech at the wedding reception about the groom, this is not the movies, this is real life, and if you did that in real life you would ramble through your words, be unable to get your point across, and probably break out into a cold sweat. When planning a best man speech for the bride and groom's day it is never a good idea to wing it. The speech, like all great wedding speeches, should be well thought out, planned, written down, sincere and humorous.

The sooner you write the speech down before the wedding date the better. You want to give yourself time perfect it; adding what you like and tweaking what you do not. With such a time to prepare, you will get the entire boost you need to be one smart person while delivering it.
Best man speeches should not be so long that people start looking at their watches and get bored, it should be of five minutes max, not any more. Know all your points and gather them so that you don’t feel lost, also practice them with time in the same pace as you would normally. By any chance if you have a speech that goes way beyond the time limit gather up and shorten them as per needed.

As you have already noticed the wedding speeches have segments in themselves like any essay for school. The beginning should be your opening. This is your opportunity to introduce yourself to the crowd. Tell them how you know the groom and for how long you have known him.

The middle of the speech should contain a humorous idea or some comical jokes about the groom, giving it a more personal touch. The joke should be quite a clean one so that grandma doesn’t have any fatal case of shock. Wedding quotes can also be added to the speech but any mention of woman or about the ex can be fatal. Try a touching story, perhaps about how you saw him fall head-over-heals for the bride.

Speak about how in love he is with the bride. Faintly compliment her, but do not make it seem as a come on. Best man speeches should include what a wonderful husband the groom will make, how much he adores the bride, how loyal he is to her. It's okay to embarrass him a little. All you are doing for the night is promote the groom and never leave a doubt in anybody’s mind if they have the best man for the bride.

Finally while ending your speech be earnest and thank the parents since they had paid for such a lovely night and also acknowledge those who had made this night possible. Express your gratitude towards the groomsmen and the bridesmaid while thanking the groom for making you his best man as well.

End the whole thing with raising your glass and proposing a toast to the bride and groom. Quote a quote about love, something that is heartfelt. Toast to their future and their happiness.

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