Team Specialists in digital transformation and Pardot adoption. Developing a Marketing Automation Strategy That Simply Works!

At, our expertise is focused on all of Salesforce's clouds: marketing, sales, service, and applications. Pardot Consulting consultants and trainers improve the performance of your business by implementing pragmatic approaches and simple tools. They ensure the success of your entire project or intervene on-demand in a certain key stage.

Our consultants are experts in marketing as well as the latest digital tactics. They help you set up personalized strategies to generate, convert, and sign leads.

Thanks to technology, marketing now plays a central role in the business development of companies. Our consultants know how to leverage these technologies to help you meet growing marketing expectations.

Aligning sales and marketing is the key to your success in business development. With our consultants, you will set up new processes and methods to promote effective sales and marketing collaboration.

With Salesforce's Pardot, you can generate more qualified leads and close more deals. We help you create automated campaigns, acquire and educate leads more effectively & align your sales and marketing.

With Marketing Cloud, have a complete understanding of each customer and be focused on their expectations. We help you personalize your journey across social media, email, online advertising, mobile, and more.

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that uses content marketing, blogging, events, SEO, and social media to attract new business.
Our consultants will train your team on these principles and explain how they apply to marketing automation.

Pardot is a comprehensive marketing automation tool that can help businesses with their operations with email marketing, landing pages, automation rules, and advanced tracking.

In a hands-on coaching program, our marketers will teach you how to combine these tactics into an integrated marketing campaign.

Through several workshops, our consultants will first review your prospective data and marketing content. In a second step, they will propose the best approach to maximize the return on investment of your campaign.

Thanks to this very concrete exercise, your marketing team, and our consultants will be able to establish together the various assets of the campaign.

Pardot Consulting is one of the main Pardot integrators in France. Pardot Consulting has implemented Pardot with more than a hundred customers and supports them over time by implementing best practices in a Test & Learn process of continuous improvement.

Our customers have increased the number of leads generated, their qualification, and their quality, they align marketing and sales, they gain in efficiency and productivity, they support their growth and ultimately increase their turnover.

Pardot Consulting has developed a matrix-based approach - that just works. At Pardot Consulting, we ensure the implementation by clearly offering you options from which you can choose according to our analysis of your company and the specificities of your sector.

Pardot Consulting consultants have improved the performance and commercial results of your company by implementing pragmatic approaches and simple tools.

Choosing solutions from the world leader in customer relations means deciding to meet a particularly rich universe of solutions. Much more than a CRM, Salesforce allows you to set up a real customer information system that will bring value to your sales, marketing, operational, and business departments.

Author's Bio: specialize in digital transformation and Pardot adoption. We help you develop a Marketing Automation strategy that just works!