If you want to make fresh and healthy juice at home, you need to know that eating a juicer is the best choice. Juice experts agree that this type of juicer contains more nutrients than centrifugal juicers. This juicer is also in demand because it produces high-quality juices because fruits and vegetables never heat up, so you never get a cooked or oxidized taste. The question now is which mastic juicer is best for you. Please read our guide, and we recommend the best models on the market.

• Omega J8006HDS
This is the best juicer on our list. The Omega J8006HDS is easy to use and has a 200-watt motor that is stronger than the J8006 150 watt motor. You can juice all your favourite ingredients at an optimal speed of 80 rpm. One of the main advantages of choosing this masticating juicer is that it does not use foam, clog, or collect heat. It's 100% BPA free and contains GE Ultem screws that are eight times stronger than most other plastics. It also has an automatic pulp ejection function that makes continuous juice easy.

• Tribest Slowstar
Tribest is an American small kitchen equipment manufacturer. If you want to buy juicer you can find on juicingnation.com, you will love this slow juicer and minced meat. It works at a low speed of 47 rpm and is the right choice for excellent cold-pressed extraction. The juice from this attractive little device is very fresh, nutritious and delicious. This model extracts with very little oxidation compared to a juicer that uses a centrifugal mechanism.

• SKG Juicer
This vertical juicer comes from SKG, a leading company in the health, household and beauty sectors. If you choose this high-end model, you will receive an attractive champagne juicer with many design features that make juicing easier. It works at low speeds and minimizes oxidation. Compared to a centrifugal juicer, this juice provides nutritious, delicious and fresh milk. Also, sauces made with this machine stay fresh longer.
Equipped with a 240-watt motor, it works at 43 pm. The ingredients are gently squeezed with the right strength to extract the juice and retain nutrients.

• Kuvings B6000P
If you are looking for an excellent juicer that looks good on the kitchen counter and operates at an ideal speed of 60rpm, you will love this quiet model. It came with a 240-watt motor. The ability to cover provides the highest nutritional retention as well as excellent juice results.
Equipped with a standalone design that makes operation quick and easy, it offers intelligent drip-free closure that is ideal for mixing juices and for quick rinsing between recipes.

• Breville BJS700SIL
This Breville juicer is a little more expensive than the other models we made, but it's worth it. This beautiful silver vertical juicer works at a low speed to squeeze cold juice from many ingredients. The operating speed is 80 rpm. The machine has a total output of 240 watts. The prolonged chewing process keeps minerals, vitamins, elements, and enzymes intact and makes this model one of the best on the market.
We also like the flexibility of this juicer. Use it to prepare fresh juice or many other recipes, including ice cream, coffee, and baby food.

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