Its wedding season and you have a number of your cousins and friends tying the knot this year. You want to show them how much you care by bringing them the perfect matrimonial gift which will adorn their new life together with love and blessings.
We bring to you a simple guide to some very interesting, useful and popular matrimonial gifting ideas.

1. Check if they have a registry:

While this concept is still not very popular in India, you can always check with the bride and groom if they have registered their gifts in any stores. Making a registry is a practical way to ensure that you only get matrimonial gifts which you really need or want. For couples who are setting up a new home, it could a store with household appliances or for those who are looking to get their dream vacation, you can always find a way to chip in with other guests and sponsor parts of the vacation.

2. Money:

In the Indian wedding system, this is primarily a very popular gift to give away. While some people believe that it lacks creativity and may look impersonal, it is practical to gift the couple cash especially if you have budget, thus ensuring they can utilize the money wherever they need to. Also, considering the fact that most Indian couples will not have registered their gifts, this is another way to ensure they get themselves what they really require or want.

3. Relevant Gift Certificates:

You could also buy the couple gift certificates to their favorite online or physical store. Another interesting thing to do is make use your knowledge with respect to their honeymoon destinations and gift them certificates to a couple’s spa or sit down dinner for two. You could come up with a million ways in which you could make their honeymoon special.

4. Making the Wedding Night Special

If you aren’t privy to information regarding where the couple are spending their honeymoon, depending on your budget get together with some friends and gift them a room at a luxurious hotel for their wedding night. This gift is sure to stay in their memories for life and you could even opt to customize some services in the bridal suite making it even more special for the new couple.

5. Long Lasting Matrimonial Gift Ideas:

If you really want to get creative you could also buy them a “his and hers” piece of jewelry which has something inscribed on it. Consider buying them a bottle of wine from the year they are getting married. They could open this bottle on their 25th anniversary, thus reliving the magical moments of their wedding day.

Apart from this, you can make effective use of how well you know the couple to buy them an extremely personalized gift that you know they will enjoy. The idea behind a matrimonial gift is that is should be a true testimony to the love they about to share and even be practical at the same time.

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