Touch of Health is a well-reputed medical center which provides a broad spectrum of medical services for conditions at any stage. Specialists of the clinic constantly improve their qualifications by participating in international and regional symposia and conferences. When contacting our medical center in Orlando, thanks to a diagnostic research complex, the diseases are detected at the earliest stage. Our specialists in Orlando take all possible measures to obtain productive treatment. High professionalism and experience of our doctors help to take into account all the nuances relating to the general stage of the patient. Thus, an adequate and effective treatment can be appointed very quickly. Professionals of our medical center center apply the latest diagnostic and therapy methods, as well as an individual approach and can find a common language with any patient.

Our clinic in Orlando is well-known for the exceptional quality of the orthopedic medical care. We provide assistance with the following:
Conducting preventive examinations;
Eliminating malfunctions of the musculoskeletal system;
Ultrasound of limbs and joints;
Eliminating the consequences of fractures and injuries;
Ultrasound of internal organs.
Cooperation with qualified traumatologists, modern medical equipment, effective treatment methods, timely assistance, and care for the health of each patient are the basic rules that our medical center follows strictly.

Our specialists in Orlando deal with such diseases on daily basis as:
Flatfoot and its consequences;
Spinal deformation;
Osteochondrosis, disk hernia;
Arthrotis and arthritis;
Deformation and other effects of injuries.
Only a doctor with a high level of expertise can make an accurate diagnosis, prescribe treatment and monitor the process of the recovery of the patient. Pain in the limbs and crunch in the joints, if there are no other signs of the disease, is a reason to visit our medical center. We determine the plan of the treatment which includes physiotherapy, medical exercises, massage and vitamins to restore health.

We also offer treatment for children with the following conditions:
Congenital hip dislocation;
Displays of hip joints;
Flat-valgus foot;
Scoliosis and dysfunction;
Different length of the feet;
Limit deformations (x-shaped legs and o-shaped legs).
In the medical center, you can sign up for an appointment with the doctor who specializes on treating children. You will receive detailed advice, necessary medical care and further observation. The doctor will track the process of rehabilitation, which guarantees receipt and consolidation of the result.

Opening our medical center in Orlando, we set ourselves a task of creating a center that will offer our patients premium medical care at affordable prices. We combine innovative technologies, the best traditions of medicine and many years of experience of our doctors. The main principle of operation in our medical clinic is honest work and high quality of medical care. Our doctors conduct accurate diagnosis, reveal the cause of concern and determine an effective treatment plan. A competent combination of the latest techniques and high level of professionalism of our specialists will allow the patient not to doubt the fullest rehabilitation and restoring all the primary functions of the body.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Roger A. Walker is a Board-Eligible Orthopedic surgeon. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Florida Atlantic University (FAU) College of Engineering. He was a member of the Varsity FAU baseball team and was selected in the Major League baseball draft. While practicing as a professional engineer, he obtained a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from FAU. He then pursued his medical degree at Nova Southeastern University. His orthopedic surgery training was performed at the level one trauma center, Broward Health Medical Center, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He continued his training at Orlando Health Medical Center, completing a fellowship in Orthopedic Surgery Sports Medicine.