If you want one of the best mediums to have a sitting with, then you need to do a bit of homework first. There is a distinction between the fakes that fish for answers and the real mediums who ask you for no personal details. A bad medium is someone who will force their view on you and insist that there are right even when they are not.
Most readings will be accurate, but now and again sometimes not everything that they say is 100% right. We all make mistakes from time to time, even mediums and it does happen, but often they are right about what they tell you and you will be able to judge this for yourself when you have your reading done.

The best mediums are usually the ones that come recommended from either a friend or relative. But even if you don’t get a recommendation then you can go online to a website who have mediums on there and take a look at what people have wrote about them. That way you can see what the readings were like and how popular they are.

Once you find yourself the best medium then you need to decide how long you want to be talking to them for. It can be an allotted amount of time, say 20 minutes or 30 minutes. You can usually pay via your credit or debit card or on your phone bill for the amount of time that you stay on the phone.

A medium should be able to give you an accurate reading and should also be able to connect you to someone that you know that has passed on. They will give you messages from that person and you should write everything down so you don’t forget what you were told.

It is encouraging when loved ones come through for you and although you may shed a tear when this happens you will also be reassured that life does go on and that they are still around you, it’s just that you can’t see them. You may want to ask particular questions and a good medium will do their best to give you answers.

They cannot guarantee who will come through for you when you are talking to them so keep an open mind, as it could be a distant relative instead of someone that you wanted to speak to. You should get names from the medium of who is coming through for you and also something to prove that this is them, like if they had a particular hobby or something personal about them.

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