Want to know who scored the most home runs in a season for 10 first MLB franchises according to the alphabetical order? Feel free to check out this special article by sportbel.

Home runs have been the ultimate fantasy of sluggers and the absolute source of exhilaration for baseball fans. But who holds the records for the most home runs in a season for the first ten teams in MLB, alphabetically ordered? Let’s find out with us right here in this article.
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Best home runner in a season by teams - MLB Facts with Sportbel
We all know, probably too well, the player that has the greatest home run seasons in MLB history. But every franchise has a single-season record for home runners as well. 

Prepare team lovers, as below will be the list of batters with the best home run records in a season for 10 first alphabetical MLB city teams, brought to you by Sportbel.

1.Arizona Diamondbacks: Luis Gonzalez

Luis Gonzalez

Diamondbacks’ 2001 was absolutely their magical year. The Diamondbacks won a glorious victory in the World Series over the Yankees, and their star player, Gonzalez, also had the best season of his career. The 33-year-old struck 57 homers in the campaign – 26 more than his best record ever. That was 2001, and things might have changed, but legend is legend with this home hitter.

2.Atlanta Braves: Andruw Jones

Andruw Jones

Andruw Jones is the best center fielder in MLB history. As he spent time with Atlanta, he also grew into a solid homer. Best seasonal record? Jones delivered 51 shots in 2005 for the Braves . He deserves to be in the Hall of Fame for not only that but also a Gold Glove the next year.

3.Baltimore Orioles: Chris Davis

Chris Davis

Despite being the arguably worst baseball hitter now with a lowly batting average of .172 for the last two seasons, Davis was different. In the 2013 season with the Orioles, he led MLB by hitting 53 homers, which was achieved again with 47 successful bats in 2015. How time has changed!

4.Boston Red Sox: David Ortiz

David Ortiz

After being given up on by the Twins, Big Papi was taken under the wings of the Red Sox and turned himself into maybe the best-designated hitter ever. He reached his peak in 2006, the year when he led the America league in RBI and also the most homers scored (51).

5.Chicago Cubs: Sammy Sosa

Sammy Sosa

Far back in the days, Cubs had a legendary home hitter. 66 home runs in a season is a delusion, you think? Not at all. That is exactly what Sosa did to the league in 1998. He was not the best slugger that season (Mark Marcgwire of St. Louis Cardinals set the record at 70), but Sosa still holds the single-season record for such a storied franchise.

6.Chicago White Sox: Albert Belle

Albert Bells

1998 might have been the season with the most single-season homer records being established. White Sox is one of the teams who so far have never got 50 home runs a season, but 49 is impressive enough, and Bella achieved this in 1998. Not 70 or 66, but again, 49 is impressive already.

7.Cincinnati Reds: George Foster

George Foster

The name may not ring any bell to you, but that’s not strange. Foster wasn’t particularly famous, and also he had already retired in 1986. However, homer-wise, the man was an exceptional figure who struck 52 home runs. And won the NL MVP, quite evidently.

8.Cleveland Indians: Jim Thome

 Jim Thome

This man already looks big, but he is scary big in the list of single-season best home runners. Thome set the record for the most number of home runs in a season for Cleveland Indians in 2002 as he racked up a stunning 52 homers.

9.Colorado Rockies: Larry Walker and Todd Helton

Larry Walker and Todd Helton

Yes, here comes the first tie - in fact, the only tie among the 30 teams in MLB. Walker and Helton share the record by hitting 49 homers in 1997 and 2001, respectively. Again, not over 50, but remember what we said about 49? Extraordinary!

10.Detroit Tigers: Hank Greenberg

Hank Greenberg

In his time with Detroit, Greenberg was already taking balls off the field when the number of those who could was very minimal. In the 1938 season, the Hall of Famer muttered an incredible 58 homers and set a record which prevented other Tigers players from breaking for 82 years up till now.  

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