Did you know that Apps design is key to increasing your Mobile Application downloads? The importance is so great that designing an App with a good or bad experience and user interface can improve or destroy your mobile App.

Do not miss this article in which we reveal the secrets of the most advanced technology in the world for the design of Apps, and the keys that you have to take into account to make your mobile application stand out from the competition. Just for being here, and spending a few minutes, Morebyus share this definitive guide on the best mobile application design tool.

As stated by the well-known design agency, the design of an app and the user experience are decisive to achieve the main objectives that you have set out to achieve with it. From making money with your mobile application, or getting a good ASO positioning (the SEO of Apps), to being more competitive against the competition ... and even loyalty to users!

And what do you need to design a functional and attractive mobile application for users? The most important thing is to have a state-of-the-art tool or CMS. Technological innovation and design go hand in hand, that is why, below, we are going to analyze the best platform that exists in the market for the design of Apps.

UI / UX design tools. Among the biggest events of interest to web designers, this year was the explosion of design features for the user interface. These UI / UX design tools signal a transition in the way of creating modern user interfaces. The days of creating PSD mockups in Photoshop may be coming to an end.

Now to the new kid in the neighborhood. Adobe XD, which came out of beta in October 2017, is aimed at designers who want to create websites, mobile apps, or even games. It has a built-in collaboration system, called "Co-publishing", and the ability of customers and colleagues to provide feedback.

Like its competitors, XD allows you to reuse design components over and over again. You can also edit a component once and push it to all cases, providing better coherence in your design.

Perhaps the biggest advantage here is that Adobe XD plays well with other Adobe applications. You can e.g. Open and edit photos in Photoshop directly from XD (right-click on the image to open it). All changes you make to the image are automatically reflected in XD as well. It also imports Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and even Sketches files.

At this point, when you already have the design platform, you know the basic concepts so that it is useful for the user and you have seen the main free tools to complete the design for your app. It's time to do the first test!

It is highly recommended to perform a beta test with a group of people - if you trust the better - to see how it works. How smooth is the new interface? What problems or doubts has user-generated? How is the experience for the user? What would they improve?

It is currently solving possible issues or bugs that have not been detected during the app's design process.

Repeat this test and test process at least two or three times. New comments and improvements will always appear.

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Mobile app design is a crucial phase during development and a mobile app's UI can make or break the application