Mobile devices are the new medium for interacting with the world of internet. With the surge in the use of mobile devices, a business cannot hinder their relevance for their marketing strategy. This is where the mobile apps play a crucial role.

There are several factors which support the use of mobile apps for businesses.

Some of them are:

• Increasing the reach of the business.
• It will increase the quality of interaction between the business and their prospects.
• Helps the businesses cater to their customers with excellent services.

There are more to it, but I will stop right there at the third point.


These three reasons are enough for an organization to develop mobile applications for their business.
Now, when you need a mobile application, you also need the right platform to develop an apt mobile application. In this post, we will cover some of the best mobile app development platforms that will help you in building a robust and fully featured mobile app for your business.

Let’s get you started,

jQuery Mobile

jQuery mobile is considered to be the best platform to develop a mobile application. If the developer is skilled in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to build mobile pages, then jQuery is the best thing you have in your quiver. It is an open source mobile web framework which will help you in developing a mobile app with the help of CSS, JS, and HTML. The core mantra of jQuery is “write less, do more”. It takes the mobile application development to the next level.


Whether it is android app development or the iOS app development, if you wish to visualize the digital makeup of your mobile application as well, then Outsystems is your best bet. It is a low-code platform which enables you to develop a mobile app visually. The UX of the platform is explicit and it is insanely fast. You can integrate other applications with the platform to add more features to your mobile app.

Kony Appvantage

Kony Appvantage is a powerful platform which will help you in building enticing mobile apps. It will give you live prototypes to ensure that your application meets all your business needs. The best part is that it supports native mobile app development. The UI/UX is off the charts and the best part is that it is supportive of both iOS and Android. The integration of the mobile app with your backend and data is seamless.


If you are looking for a preinstalled and integrated cloud services, then you might like Appcelerator. The API builder of this platform combines a robust framework with pre-integrated scalable cloud service. With the use of Hyperloop, you will have a direct access to the native APIs. Also, it has a seamless integration to all existing delivery systems. Drag and drop feature is adorable and super easy. With Titanium code, you can also run Java, Objective-C, and Swift to develop iOS mobile apps. You will also get 3rd party native libraries as well.


You will be in control with Como Sense. The analytics part of the mobile app will help you in targeting your customers with surgical precision. It will help you in building your mobile application more authoritative. You can showcase your catalogs, multiple location information, and navigation. It will also allow you to add wallet service to your app as well.


If you are a developer then Xamarin must be your first choice. You can easily design and develop native mobile apps for both iOS and Android by using the C# codebase. You are free to use the same APIs and IDE languages almost everywhere. With the code sharing option, you can minimize the development time significantly.

Winding It Up

So, these platforms are trending and businesses are expected to move more inclined towards mobile app development. What do you think about them? Share your views via comments. Adios for now!!!

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Tarun Puri is a young, energetic and quality oriented Digital Marketing professional & Editor at Seasia InfoTech is known for his immense knowledge of marketing strategies. He often writes about mobile development, technology, entrepreneurship, startups and business-related topics.