Praful Billore, an MBA dropout, is now a 22-year-old renowned entrepreneur from Madhya Pradesh. His journey from being a failed youngster to becoming one of the top 10 entrepreneurs of India is something we all must be proud of. His motivational story is bound to inspire an entire generation that dreams of making it big in this competitive world.

Belonging to a middle-class family, Praful was never good at studies while his parents hoped to see their son crack a highly competitive exam like CAT, and become one of the most successful businessmen in India. The burgeoning expectations had a dampening effect on his studies and left numerous scars of failures. While preparing for an MBA, he used to study the whole day to get admission into a good college, just like any other student. However, his efforts didn't bring results and he failed in the first attempt. Gradually, while preparing for the second time, he started living in desolation and stopped talking to anybody. In times of stress, he was still holding on to the belief of achieving success but, unfortunately, kept on failing. The hardworking youngster tried for the third time, failed again, and locked himself in a room but on this occasion, it was not for planning to prepare again rather for a permanent departure from studies. This moment of disappointment worked as the starting point of his cruise to becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs in India.

Praful, somehow, managed to convince his parents and dropped out of MBA plans. He packed his bags and left home to explore Indian cities. When he landed in places like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore, the MP boy failed to connect to the atmosphere and couldn't spend much time in their vicinity. It was when he reached the Western part of India, Gujarat, that Praful found some breathing. The environment, culture, and people of the state attracted him and he decided to stay there for the rest of his voyage. The fact that many billionaires started their careers by working at McDonald's inspired him to take up a job in the food outlet with an earning of Rs. 37/hour. Though the job was good, he remained unsatisfied and used to wonder whether a better option was to start something of his own, similar to some famous entrepreneurs in India. It was then that the idea of a tea business struck his mind. The fact that the beverage was the common man's favourite further accentuated his plans and Praful began researching about it.

He also sensed the demand but lacked in terms of finances. Some investment was needed to begin a roadside tea stall and in search of the same, he lied to his father about getting enrolled in an educational program and got Rs. 10000. The amount was not big but was enough to initiate the idea. Soon, Praful set up a roadside stall near to his job location and managed both with great efforts. Within a month, he started attracting good daily sales. It was all going good until the day his father called and inquired about the course for which he had asked for money. Lying to his dad never went well with the gritty youngster's mind and, he decided to take a big step.

Praful again asked for Rs. 50000 from his father for joining MBA coaching classes but this was not a disguise and he joined coaching while leaving behind his venture and job. His 2nd innings in the academic field had begun. From sales and purchases, he was again back to studying day and night to see his family in a happy zone. But was this what his heart wanted? Praful's inner self was posing questions and he finally gave up to his heart within a week of joining classes and once again, decided to prepare the brew.

Like most of the top entrepreneurs in India,With increased enthusiasm and determination, he was back to where he belonged. The perseverant boy started working towards making his business famous, first in Ahmadabad and then in India. His entrepreneurial mind led to an increase in sales and life seemed to be coming back on track. But, as they say, the pursuit of success is a long one. Experiencing a dip in their sales and fearing a threat to their existence, nearby tea stall owners launched an attack on Praful's stall and threw him out of the locality. This came as yet another setback in a journey marred with challenges but he kept his head high and started searching for a new and suitable place to set up his tea stall. An empty place on the sidelines of a hospital was where he zeroed upon and to avoid any future hassles, also took permission from the hospital management for the same. 'MBA Chaaiwala' is how he named his venture with MBA standing for Mr Billore Ahmadabad. The stage was set but a lot was yet to be done and this time, he was prepared for the long haul. He worked hard, marketed his tea to the best of his capacity, and got laughed upon for the name he had chosen, but never gave up. With time, he started taking bulk orders for marriages, parties, etc., and within 3 years, achieved a turnover of Rs. 3 Crore. Today, his team has over 20 members and MBA Chaaiwala's tea is famous not only in India but the entire world.
Once a struggling guy with consistent failures, PrafulBillore is today known by millions as a successful entreprener. His entrepreneurial success story reflects the true meaning of a real-life warrior. The youngster faced unprecedented challenges but remained committed to his ultimate goal. His motivational story showed the world that with sheer tenacity, one can achieve all that he can dream of.

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