If you are writer and coming up with press releases or if you are an entrepreneur looking for media releases to the press, then you might have been confronted with one major issue, that of release time and date of the press release. It all depends on the motivation factors. You should understand the real motivator behind your press release writing.

Best Motivator is the Time When the Press Release is Made and Ready Newsworthy Contents

When it is asked why you should send the media release to the press, it would be necessary to understand the motivation behind it.

The press release should be newsworthy;
It should have the ability to hit the bull’s eye; and
There are multiple things to consider.

No Hard and Fast Rules Can be Chalked Out But Some Common Factors are there

No hard and fast rules can be laid down regarding the motivation factors for press release writing.

In fact the motivation factors may vary from person to person;
Yet the greatest motivation is finding out the right one that would be of interest for the key readers and in the process benefit your objective of business, product, or services promotion; and
The writing should be informative and have the ability to resolve some of the problems of the end readers.
When the press release fails to include these basic features, its chances of success are remote.

Advantages of Good Media Release for Business Promotion

Good press releases can result in a lot of advantages for business promotion.

Press release writing is the media creating information channel between the media people, public, investors, customers, and all stakeholders;
It helps informing target audience about latest improvements in the products or services or business promoted by you; and
A few things can be instrumental in creating the right type of motivation.

Most Important Motivation Factors for the Press Release Writing

Some of the best motivation factors for effective press release writing are as follows.

Opening new company irrespective of its size is a great motivation;
Tying the company with a national holiday would be great idea s well;
When you win some award or get some special recognition, it would be great motivation for writing press releases;
Information about new contract signed or partnering with some well reputed brand could be a motivation factor for writing press releases;
Reporting the results of surveys or even your own studies on the product and services promoted, and
Linking to any current controversy and your expectation that the product or services that you are promoting is the true solution could be another motivation.

Understanding the real motivation behind the press release writing can result in your coming up with some of the best of it that would be extremely useful.

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