Usually, winters are more welcoming for humans than any other season. In winters we tend to enjoy it a lot. But with winter, comes a guest which we do not welcome. Yes, true it's mice and rodents. They like to shed themselves from harsh winters by taking refuge at your house. This has been one of the growing problems in many places. People have not been able to handle the growth of mice and rodents in their households and area. There can be several reasons behind this notion. But the more important thing is that you prepare your home for this challenge.

Threat from the mouse

Yes, it is a challenge because pests are not only nuisances they can be a key cause of spreading harmful diseases and they can cause damage to your property as well. Now the biggest question is how to stop them and defend ourselves and our home? In this article, we are going to mention some of the ways that you can adopt for trapping mice and other rodents. 

Encountering the challenge

Before employing any professional way to stop mouse entering your house, you need to eliminate their easy access. Easy access is the way from where they get to enter your property. It can be due to open food items in the kitchen or a pipeline. If you have tried all and haven’t got rid of them then you need to find ways to tackle them. So here is a list of the most commendable ways you can think of.

Bucket mousetrap

It is one of the most simple and reliable ways of encountering mice. In this, you need not buy anything from outside. If you look around you will get most of the needful items in your home. What you need to do is take a bucket, make a pathway of cardboard for a mouse which will take them into the bucket. Once they fall in the bucket they will not be able to come out and will get trapped. In this method, you do not even need to kill them. You can throw them out of your house.

Kill snap trap

In this, you would need to design a chamber that has a bait switch attached to it. If the mouse gets inside the chamber and tries to move bait then the snap trap would kill the mouse. And you do not even need to see the dead mouse. This is trickier than conventional methods but bucket mousetrap is still the most widely used trap for mice and rodents. 

Clam Trap

This is similar to the kill snap trap. In this, a spring loaded clamp is activated when the mouse tries to dislocate the bait. And it kills the mouse. However, in this, you have to manually pick the dead mouse and throw it out of your house.

I hope it is loud and clear by the end that mice and other rodents can be hazardous for the health of your family members. Then try the above mentioned simple and conventional methods particularly bucket mouse trap to get rid of them. 

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