We are going to talk about building your “cash flow home based business” by applying some of the best secrets in network marketing that can make you more money with less time by maximizing events.

I'm going to break this down in parts. So part one is on "How To Double Your Cash Flow Business – 3 Simple Steps" but first, what is an event and how can you use it to your own advantage?

An event could be a teleclass, a webinar, a live seminar, or a group meeting. It all depends on what you are promoting to build your business.

Double Your cash flow home based business - 3 Simple Steps

A few home business builders are doubling and tripling their income every 6 months. What do they know that others don’t? In working your home based business, we all have access to the same company, product or service, the same corporate staff, support team and the same compensation structure. This article will show you 3 steps to doubling your internet income.

Ask yourself this question, how can you become somebody that others must seek out to do business with because they are struggling, losing their homes, declaring bankruptcy and losing their jobs? How are you going to be one who is standing when people are falling to your left and to your right? You can be one of those that these people are turning to asking, “what do I have to do? Will you show me?” I promise you, these 3 steps are going to show you how you can become the “go to” person for these eager and willing people.

Step #1 – Increase your skill set

The marketplace pays for value and your skill set determines your value. We all have access to the same company, products, services, marketing plan and tools. The difference is skill. How did you get from the hourly pay of your very first job to the compensation you currently receive? Along the way you invested into your education to gain the knowledge that brought your skill level up to where it is now. When was the last time you invested into improving your skills? You see, skills produce results and results produce money. These skills must be strategic and effective. What are your success ratios now? What if you were to double those ratios? There are websites, CDs, videos, teleclasses and live seminars that provide the path for you to increase your skills and more than double your income. Use and apply the tools that are available and watch your income soar!

Step #2 – Double your exposures

If you talk to more people, you are sure to get more results. If you expose your business to 1 person per day what would happen if you increased that to 2?, 4? 10?. You need to learn techniques that will save you time with those exposures. Obviously, if you present to groups of people instead of just one at a time, you can more than double the exposures. In order to do this you must get over your fear of talking to people.

What if you could learn a way where people fall in love with you within the first 60 to 120 seconds and they were asking to work with you within the first 5 minutes? What if you could succeed without selling? What if you could double the amount of people that show up for your presentation? I can show you how to make this happen.

Step #3 – Help others to succeed

To double your income by helping others you must increase your skills in:

* creating an eager desire in people
* pulling out their strengths
* keeping them focused without nagging or badgering them
* helping them make money in the first 48 hours

The key to helping others succeed is to have them not depend on you. You must have a simple system that moves your business forward even when you can’t be there for your people. You need a system that you and they can use to save time, double their ratios and therefore double their income. This system will equip your people to make money easier and faster without depending on you for their success. How awesome is that?

The universe has enough prosperity and wealth for those who are willing to do what it takes to learn how to get it. Do these 3 steps and you will be on your way to doubling your “cash flow home based business" and achieving your goals and dreams!.

Author's Bio: 

Josephine is passionately driven to helping people succeed and achieve the Financial Freedom and lifestyle they all deserve, and to show them how to help others achieve similar goals in their lives!

She is a contributor on several blogs, and has set a goal to help 100 brand new people this year to take control of their lives by working part time from home. You can connect with Josephine from “her website”