Niagara Falls is one of the most thrilling destinations for a family to go on an outing or a tour. This summer, plan your fun with the best Niagara Falls family tours to create the best of memories. Niagara Falls is a place for lot of fun when you tour it at the right time with your family.

We recommend you to tour the Niagara Falls on the Canadian side as it has got a lot to offer in the form of fun to all who visit the place. It is a good get away for the whole family and the tour simply looks great.

You will know how to have fun at this great place when you take the Niagara Falls day tour with the best tour operator in Canada. Visit the wineries at the Lakeside of the Niagara Canada side to taste the world famous wines.

It is always recommended for travellers to personally visit the 200-year-old beauty instead of searching for reviews on the Internet about the place and its significance. Practically speaking a visit to the Niagara Falls is always due for those who visit Canada, especially Toronto.

A lot can be done and seen when you travel to a place like the Niagara Falls with your family and friends. It is always a treat to watch this scintillating beauty in the summer vacation.

The gigantic waterfalls fall from a height of over 51 meters with over 6 million cubic feet of water flowing every minute. Hydroelectric power is being generated from the powerful water flows of the Niagara Falls.

To further describe about the region, there are in total 3 waterfalls called the Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls. All these 3 waterfalls comprise the Niagara Falls in total.

The Horseshoe Falls waterfall falls from a height of around 57 meters in total and its width is about 790 meters in length. This is the waterfalls that people who come to Canada happen to see the most because it is on the Canadian side.

A family of four with kids can easily plan a vacation to the Niagara Falls Canada side for a day tour. Some of the most popular places to visit on the Canadian side are as follows:

• Journey Behind the Falls – This is a journey through the tunnels where most of you enjoy moving through, especially children have fun and enjoy going through the tunnels. You can take your family to view the Falls from both the lower and upper observation decks of the region.
• The Hornblower Cruise Ride – This is approximately 15 to 20-minute thrilling boat ride and this is in a big catamaran boat that can easily accommodate at least 500 plus people at a time. This ride gives everyone an opportunity to view the Niagara Falls from close quarters.
• The Skylon Tower – A family would certainly enjoy its lunch buffet sitting in the restaurant watching the waterfalls from this tower. You can get the best views of the Niagara region when you go up this tower. Have your delicious lunch with your family and friends and coolly watch the beautiful region from an elevation.
• The Helicopter Ride – You and your family would definitely and certainly enjoy this thrilling ride as you take the aerial route to watch the Niagara region and the Falls from en elevation. The helicopter or chopper can easily accommodate a small family of 4 at a time for this spectacular ride over the Niagara Falls. Take pictures of the lovely place within the 15-minute ride you get.
• Butterfly Conservatory – This is a fun place for the whole family, especially children who will enjoy the different varieties and colors of butterflies flying very close to them.

Like the above places, you have many more places to visit at the Niagara Falls region if you plan a vacation with family. Book your tickets for the best Niagara Falls family tours today!

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Niagara Falls is one of the busiest travel destinations on Earth! From the thrilling scenery to the world-class wineries tourists come from all around the world to discover Niagara Falls.