Online coaching has been in trend for quite a few years. Students and working professionals these days prefer online courses to the regular courses by visiting respective institutes. Even for competitive exams like CAT, online coaching has been chosen in majority. It is quite convenient for graduates as well as the working professionals as they get very little time for regular coaching.
However, there are quite expectations from the online coaching that they provide adequate and updated information regarding the CAT exam, such as the syllabus, updated or modified version of exam pattern, more question papers of previous years to practice and so on.
In this session, we will take you through the Best Online coaching for CAT.
An online coaching is considered the best one when it satisfies the following criteria:

•Updated information about the exam dates, syllabus, revised exam pattern
•24*7 online support from CAT experts/mentors and CAT toppers
•In case offline, you can still send messages to clear doubts on a specific section or a topic
•Facilitates LIVE lectures to get instant answers so the doubts are cleared at the very moment
•Be updated with more of previous years’ question papers to get a clear picture of the CAT exam.
•Practice sessions and Mock tests which give the Real time feeling of CAT exam.
•Online study materials on topics like Aptitude, DILR and Vocabulary which are updated ones
•Most importantly, verify if it is a trusted website and has proper certifications and is authorised by top educational institutes; having good remarks and testimonials from mentors and lecturers

Let us look at these points in detail.

When you choose to do online coaching for CAT exam, you need to make sure that the chosen website is an updated one. It should provide the right information about the revised or modified exam pattern.
The chosen website for CAT exam online coaching should provide full time online support to the CAT aspirants from the experts, mentors and the CAT toppers. In case they are offline, the site should facilitate offline messages to clear the doubts regarding a topic. If the candidate feels that the preparation strategy is not effective enough they could have a chat with the mentors regarding the same and get adequate suggestions to make a better strategy.
If the student or the aspirant has missed out a topic while preparing he or she should be allotted with a LIVE lecture on that missed topic so as to make the preparation more effective. LIVE lectures help in instant answers to the difficult topics and hence the doubts are cleared at the spot.
The CAT online coaching should provide a good set of previous years’ question papers to give a clear idea about the type of questions asked. Each year will have new type of questions. Aspirants could note down these new types of questions to practice.
Practice tests and mock tests should be updated so that the aspirants get different type of questions every time. The mock tests should be set in a way that gives the feel of the Real time CAT exam.

Online study materials should have right contents and should be updated too. As the syllabus changes every year, so do the study materials. Hence, being the best online coaching for CAT online study materials also should be modified and updated, especially for DILR, QA and Vocabulary.

The most important part in being the best online coaching for CAT is that the concerned website should be a trusted one. It should be authorized and certified. There should be a good set of testimonials from mentors and CAT toppers.

Choosing the best online coaching for CAT could be very challenging one since every online courses provide similar promises regarding the study materials. One needs be alert if it is a recognized one or a fake one. Since the aspirants require updated information about the upcoming exam, including the practice and mock tests it should be remembered that not all online coaching for CAT could lead the aspirant with effective study materials and mock tests; all time online support and other relevant information.

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It may be noted you find the best online coaching for CAT exam providing all the facilities you are looking for; it is more important that you make full use of the online classes by making an effective preparation strategy, refer previous years’ question papers and practice them and finally attempt mock tests to analyze the weak areas and improve them.
Prepare well.

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