The Orthopedic group at The Knee Klinik hospital, Pune has been giving the most recent in orthopedic treatment and care systems, which are at standard with worldwide principles.
The inside performs complex surgeries which incorporate arthroscopic and joint replacement surgeries utilizing the propelled computer-assisted navigation system. The careful group pioneers in doing essential just as amendment hip and knee joint replacement surgeries.
At The Knee Klinik hospital Pune, patients can profit benefits in each strength of orthopedics like a spine, foot and lower leg, hand and small scale vascular surgeries, bear, sports prescription, pediatric orthopedics, and so forth.
The Department of Orthopedic Surgery is a standout amongst the best in Pune. We deal with each orthopedic condition for the youthful and old alike, including hip and knee joint pain, sports wounds, spine, hand, bear.
Full Spectrum of Patient Care
The Department of Orthopedic Surgery is a world chief in treating the full range of musculature conditions – from sprains and strains your youngsters experience on the athletic field to appendage saving oncology techniques; from carpel burrow disorder to complex spinal reproduction. And so on, we exceed expectations at it. We specialize in:
 Hand & Microvascular surgery
 Foot & Ankle
 Knee and Hip Joint replacement
 Pediatric Orthopedics
 Shoulder
Sports medicine & Arthroscopy
 Spine
Specialized Orthopaedic Unit
Our Facilities
 Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation
 Diagnostic Services
 Bone density scan
 Orthotics & Prosthetics
Specialty Services
 Adult reconstruction & Joint replacement
Sports medicine & Arthroscopy
 Spine surgery
 Foot & ankle
 Shoulder
 Hand & microvascular surgery
 Orthopedic oncology
 Osteoporosis & metabolic bone disease
 Rheumatology & Arthritis clinic
Dr. Anshu Sachdev is pro geniuses of The Knee Klinik Hospital in Pune, India. The Knee Klinik Hospital is the fundamental fixing focus in Pune which has full-time Consultants giving explicit and pushed care in the zone of Orthopedics - the bit of remedial technique which deals with any harm or wickedness to the bones, joints, ligaments, muscles or tendon. Our exceedingly experienced gathering has played out a titanic number of complex orthopedic medicinal systems.
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The Knee Klinik is the best hospital for all our Orthopedic needs. Dr. Anshu Sachdev is the best joint replacement surgeon in Pune.