Maternity period may be one of the most difficult times in the life of a woman, but it is also the most beautiful phase of her life that she experiences. Right from the moment she discovers that she is pregnant, to her first ultrasound, to that little thing that she sees on the screen, to the first heartbeat that she hears, to the first time she feels the baby kick; it is like magic. From the little swell to the baby bump, a mother wishes to capture it all in her memory. As the father of the baby and husband of the pregnant lady, he loves to see that swell, turn into the bump, to touch his wife's stomach and feel that kick, to deal with her mood swings and food cravings and to make sure that everything is giving her positive vibes. He wishes to fulfill her desire of keeping a record of her beautiful journey.

Photography is the best way to capture the most beautiful moments in our life and when we look back at these photographs after a long time, it knocks the doors of that secret vault where we safely lock our precious cherished memories. Maternity photography is the tunnel at the end of which is the store of memories worth nine months.

As the baby is born, newborn photography is the way to seize the moment and click as many photographs from the first time the baby opens his eyes to the baby's first smile and as the baby starts crawling to standing. It is a way to entrap the way a baby blossoms into a kid. Professional Baby photography in Singapore allows creating an album which makes sure to light the face of whoever opens the album.

The baby grows into a kid and henceforth an entirely new path opens up, there is something new the kid learns every day, there are so many unexpected gestures from the kids, there are so many Eureka moments for the kids and as parents you wish to capture all these expressions of emotions because they allow you to time travel into the past and brings you happiness from within. Kid photography Singapore serves the purpose very well.

Family photography is yet another aspect of the memories you create from the time of maternity to delivery and the transformation of a baby to a kid. Through all these phases of life, family plays such a paramount role that it becomes necessary to record the love that is shared and perpetuated.

These photographs are not just a look into the past, they are the flyover to the emotions you felt and the memories you've lived.

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