Growing bald is natural and most people begin to lose hair upon reaching 40 years of age. A few people lose it even when they are 20 years old. Losing hair is not a big issue - doing nothing about it is. We can get treated at hair re-growth clinics in Delhi and get a panacea for baldness. Here we talk about different treatments possible and what its effects will be.

Causes for baldness
Hormones are not balanced.

Due to age.

A family history.

Not enough protein in a diet.

Effect of drugs.

Iron deficiency.

Infections such as ringworm infestation.

Bad scalp condition.

One can get a Hair Transplant in Delhi if one is completely bald. You get a guarantee that new one will not fall out for at least 25 years.

A cure for a bald head
Mild cases: Hair loss treatments including PRP treatment.

Medium cases: Derma Roller, Laser Treatment.

Complete baldness: Hair transplant.

Protein Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment is a good solution when one has only a minimal loss. Hair grows fast and covers small patches quickly. Derma Roller is invasive. We roll a Derma Roller that has needles, on our scalp.

Recognize your type first
Baldness varies from person to person. People who have begun to lose it from the front alone (minimal loss) suffer from Grade 2 baldness. We can cure this type with simple methods like PRP treatment. For those who that have lost it completely, that is Grade 7 type, the only cure is a transplant.

Fix an appointment with an expert and ask about all options possible. We get the Best Hair Transplant in Delhi with results guaranteed that last up to 25 years. This is the best panacea for hair loss.

Scalp Health is important
Men become bald because of poor scalp health. If we revive scalp health, hair health improves. Loss gets prevented so hair becomes thick again. To improve scalp health, follow certain steps.

Eat hair healthy food

Use oil massage on scalp at least twice a week.

Apply medication to cure infections.

Avoid excessive use of shampoo or harsh chemicals.

Health food for our hair includes eggs, berries, spinach, fatty fish, nuts, and seeds. Try to include at least one or two items from this list daily in your diet. Massage oil into your scalp often. Rub with the palms softly on the scalp to stimulate blood flow under the skin of your head.

If we have scalp conditions like dandruff, use Selenium sulfide or salicylic acid. A 2% solution of Minoxidil helps stop hair fall in women. To treat yeast infections, use azoles that are antifungal drugs. Use of excessive amounts of shampoo or other conditioning chemicals will wipe out natural oils to make it very brittle. Do not neglect to comb and brush your hair. This will keep the follicles aerated and making it healthy.

Get guaranteed treatment from hair clinics in Delhi. Your new one will last for 25 years or more. Become youthful looking again to gain an advantage in life. Go for hair transplant surgery today.

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