In Ayurveda, Paralysis is named as Pakshaghata which signifies "paralysis of one portion of the body" where "paksha" means either 50% of the body and "Aghata (=paralysis)" indicates the debilitation of body developments and mental soundness.

Paralysis treatment can manage with Ayurveda. Paralysis in Ayurveda can be treated by Panchakarma which is one of the significant treatment methodologies of Ayurveda.

Paralysis Signs & Symptoms

Paralysis is the misfortune or weakness of deliberate solid influence. Paralysis can result from either sicknesses including changes in the cosmetics of anxious or solid tissue or those that are the consequence of metabolic unsettling influences that meddle with the capacity of nerves or muscles. Contingent on the reason, paralysis might influence a particular muscle gathering or district of the body, or a bigger region might be involved. At the point when just one side of the body is influenced, the condition is known as hemiplegia.

In different occasions, the two sides of the body might experience the impacts, prompting diplegia or reciprocal hemiplegia. At the point when just the lower appendages are influenced by paralysis, it is called paraplegia. At the point when every one of the four appendages are influenced, it is alluded to as quadriplegia. The term paralysis is in some cases used to allude to the deficiency of muscle power in a body part.

Types of Paralysis

1. Facial Paralysis – loss of strength and mobility of facial muscles.
2. Monoplaegia – loss of strength of one limb.
3. Hemiplegia – affecting one side of the body.
4. Paraplegia – Paralysis of both legs.
5. Quadriplegia – Paralysis of all four limbs.

Hemiplegia is the most well-known show of stroke with paralysis influencing face, appendages and trunk on one side.

Why Astang Ayurveda best for Paralysis Treatment

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