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The business landscape is getting large everyday; small businesses are moving for global approach whereas established businesses are competing to strengthen their consumer base. To transform small to big and big to large businesses have to monitor every minor and major change which can affect their process. There are many factors which affect business process but globalization, outsourcing, competition, technology advancement and price pressure are primary one. These factors are forcing businesses to evaluate their whole process related to every area but the major one is supply chain. From manufacturing, distribution, materials, invoicing and returns have all been significantly impacted by the increased integration of a global customer. Companies and supplier base find that current processes and technology are not competent enough for this new business environment.

Nowadays, business expansion is became necessity where a company’s supply chain management system is not limited by the geographical region of a particular area or nation but addresses a company’s global operations. The desire to supply and establish product line is the driving force that makes a company to expand and start global operation.

However, to have effective supply chain management is critical as it has to be low-budget, flexible, and efficient way of doing business. The starting of process from acquiring raw materials to the distribution of the finished product should be in budget. The SCM system should operate in way that it cash profit not only for the parent company but for also each trader so that the entire chain works in a coherent and seamless manner.

CIOLook presents you, Best Performing SCM Companies in 2019, which are enhancing business processes in this fast growing business world with their advance SCM services and optimal solutions.

The cover is featuring Elemica- It’s Digital Supply Network (DSN) gives clients control over their global supply chains. The network enables process manufacturers and their trading partners to connect efficiently and securely; automate their buy, sell, move transactions while managing product quality; anticipate demand and reduce the risk of uncertainties. It continually enhances how its network captures customers, buyers, suppliers, and logistics providers data irrespective of the format it was transmitted. The Elemica network is based on Cloud technologies to help manufacturers, customers, suppliers, and logistics service providers to connect efficiently and securely. The innovative network automates their buy, sell, and move transactions for their products throughout the supply chain while managing product quality.

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Quote- “Effective Supply Chain is the Backbone of Successful Business”

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