As a Personal Trainer for Women in San Diego, California, I come across many different types of clients with very different weight loss needs. Usually, the most common trouble area for Women is the abdominal region. Whether you are post-natal, obese, or wanting a six-pack you can benefit from abdominal training. But do all abdominal exercises work for everyone?

Not all types of abdominal exercises are beneficial for everyone.

This is where a lot of trainers go wrong. These are the things that you don't learn from certification or books. You learn what works best for the client through working with different body types and situations.

When it comes to Personal Trainers, you get what you pay for. Here is a personal Trainer San Diego you should take to ensure you are getting the most qualified trainer.

For me, it's like choreographing a have to see how the client moves before creating the perfect workout for them. Just like a choreographer would not give a dancer a step that they can't move through fluidly, a Personal Trainer should not give a client an exercise that does not work for their body. Your average Personal Trainer does not have a creative eye for this.

For example; A Woman who is looking to get back in shape after having a child would have a different way set of abdominal exercises than the aspiring Female Bodybuilder looking to get a six-pack. One may focus on the deeper transverse abdominal muscle engagement while the other may do exercises with weights.

Whilst improving fitness and progression will be firmly in the personal trainer's plans, doing so in a safe and injury-free way is most important. Performing exercises with correct form and technique will be demanded. Lifting the heaviest weight or doing the most reps might look good, but it won't win you any points with your trainer if you're not doing it in a safe and controlled manner.

Is your trainer giving you nothing but crunches that pull and cramp your neck? If so, then it is time to find a new trainer. Your trainer should be able to design a program for you that efficiently works the areas you are trying to target without doing damage to another region of the body.

So my point? When embarking upon a new abdominal strengthening routine make sure you hire a trusted and proven fitness trainer, like San Diego Personal Trainer JOHN CALLAGHAN. He can create a custom abdominal program for your body's specific needs.

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