Physiotherapy is the most natural and effective approach for a pain free healthy life. Its is that field of science that doesn’t support surgical cuts or medications for complete eradication of pain. With the aid of modern equipment, the physiotherapist can uncover the exact cause of pain. Once, the root cause is detected, the desired procedure is followed. Physiotherapy believes in the self healing quality of the human body. It empowers an individual to live a pain free and healthy life.

Below mentioned are the major causes of pain and the action required in the present scenario:-

1:Ignorance: This is the most crucial factor that needs immediate attention. A generation that suffers a lot is the most ignorant. Ignoring any pain that lasts more than 15 days makes the problem more severe. Pain is nothing but a signal given by the nervous system to highlight the area of concern and a call for immediate action to be taken.

Action required– Consult a physiotherapist or physician right away.

2:Sedentary lifestyle:- Electronically we are connected throughout the world but we have isolated ourselves physically which has resulted in a number of lifestyle diseases and refrained us from being physically active. Sitting in one place for a longer duration results in low strength and weaker body organs.

Action required– Avoid sitting for long hours and take appropriate mini breaks to ease out the stressed muscles.

3:Unhealthy diet:- By consuming packaged foods and canned drinks, we are exposing our body to the unhealthy chemicals which are added as preservatives to save food from contamination. These preservatives slows down the digestion process and accelerates fat deposition in the body. Adulteration in various food items are on the rise which has tremendously affected our immunity.

Action required– Choose healthy meals and increase the intake of fiber along with a well balanced diet plan.

4:Stress:- This is another major issue our generation has to face, cortisol is a steroid hormone which is released by our body in response to stress, a crucial hormone that protects our overall health and well being. Lifestyle diseases like hypertension, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, hyperglycemia and obesity are caused by chronically elevated cortisol levels. Stress is the silent killer of our human race. It’s like a termite that weakens our entire physical and mental strength .

Action required– Practice meditation, have a sound sleep, stop worrying and smile because these are the best stress relievers.

5:Inappropriate body posture:- This is the most common cause of lower back pain, stiff neck and muscular pain. Adaptation of correct Body posture helps in the functioning of the spine which is the most important organ that regulates coordination of other body organs.

Action required– Adopt a correct body posture and comfortable work environment considering your physical needs.

The physical therapist in New York city can be approached easily without a doctors prescription. These physiotherapist possess years of on hand experience and expertise in their field, guides their patients to set goals of their pain removal through various exercise routines and telehealth appointments, they perform a complete diagnosis with various modern testing tools like x-ray, CT-scan, MRI- scans and other physical test.

They guide their patients on how to achieve consistency in following the health care along with lifelong care and support. Various demonstrations videos are available on their website “”.

So stay active, stay healthy and stay blessed because you are worth it!

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