An anal fissure is mostly a lifestyle disorder. It happens due to constipation most of the times.
Fissures are small cut near the anal area. In most cases, it heals within one to two months that is called as acute fissure, but if it doesn’t heal within 2 months then it is called as a chronic fissure. Both acute and chronic fissures are treated using medicines, in rare case chronic fissure requires surgery.
Treatment for fissure
So the best treatment for anal fissure is medicinal.
Drink 3-4 Lit. Of water daily. Avoid spicy and oily foods specially junk food. Eat a lot of cow’s ghee. Fix your daily meal timings. Eat fruits and green vegetables. Eat food containing dietary fibers Eg:- Salads, Spinach, and Other Greens, Citrus Fruits, Figs etc.
Stop sugar. Avoid postponing natural urge for defecation.
Treatment for anal fissure includes medication and simple home remedies like sitz bath (sitting in warm water after bowel movements), using nitroglycerin or nifeduipine ointment, drinking plenty of fluids and including high fiber diet may soften stools.
At Jyoti Nursing Home MCDPA regimen is followed:
Medicines - Herbal medicines to reduce inflammation in the area
Constac -Taken before bedtime to add bulk and soften the stools.
Diet - A fiber-rich diet to prevent constipation. An increase in the water and fluid intake also helps
Physiotherapy - Pelvic floor physiotherapy helps to reduce spasm of the anal sphincter.
Ayurveda therapy - Medicated herbal oils are used.
In MCDPA regimen firstly focus is to treat fissure using medicines, physiotherapy, ayurvedic therapy or diet. If the problem is not solved then surgery is used to treat the fissure.
Why choose Jyoti Nursing Home
A hospital formed by Doctors the priority was and remains our patients.”Serving patient first” is not just a mission but it is our way of living. Towards the concern of wellbeing of our patients, we always bring in the latest of medical innovations, the brightest of mind, the best of equipment’s and facilities, following and adopting the standards and all protocols.
In all that we do, we ensure a speedily comfortable recovery of our patients so that they be back to living a normal and healthy life.

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