How To Plan Your Sri Lanka 7 Day Tour Effectively

Fascinating Island Sri Lanka is a wonderful place for you to come and have a look. Spare your next vacation in this paradise. You will be amazed to see the stunning and eye catching attractions scattered all over. If you have a busy schedule and there is no such way for you to spend a long holiday the best way is to plan 1 week tour to Sri Lanka. There are travel partners who arrange Sri Lanka 7 day tour packages which cover almost all the attractions. But there is a chance for you to customize it as well. So you can explore and admire the places you like on your holidays to Sri Lanka.

A must visit place on your Sri Lanka 7 day tour is the fascinating golden sand beaches around the country. You will find the most beautiful beaches in the down south of Sri Lanka. Visit Bentota beach which is known to be the first beach which started water activities. It is well popular for Surfing, snorkeling and sailing activities. So spare some time on your Sri Lanka 7 day tour to visit Bentota. Why not allocate sometime from your 1 week tour to Sri Lanka to visit the hill country which is known as Little England. Taste a cup of Ceylon tea from the tea production capital “Nuwara Eliya”. At the same time you can admire the picturesque waterfalls all over which add more value to your holidays to Sri Lanka.

Explore And Admire The Historical Heritage In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is full of ancient ruins, on your 1 week tour to Sri Lanka make sure you visit Anuradhapura and Pollonnaruwa to explore and admire them. Both cities are having a long and tremendous history goes back to 12th and 3rd century BC. You will see the master piece of stone carving, Buddha statues and huge structural complexes on these two cities.

Next visit should be Sigiriya, which is world famous as the lion rock is named as the 8th wonder of the world too. The path leading to this rock fortress, Sigiriya consists of many ponds and waterfalls and you will see the most fascinating creation Lion staircase leading to the summit. You will see the two paws of a lion there which is a nice creation. Frescos in Sigiriya are world famous attraction. Then the mirror wall which is made up of special porcelain is another magnificent creation. At the top of rock you will see the ruins of the castle and fascinating oldest landscaped gardens. Your holidays to Sri Lanka will not be completed without visiting this fascinating place. Sri Lanka is the best destination for wild life in Asia. Yala national park is the best place to visit and you can see the highest concentration of leopards over there. Elephants, Sloth bear, Crocodiles, dotted deer and many wild animals can be seen on your visit there.

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