Are you planning to fly to Tanzania in a few months? In this case, it is time to think about the program of your days. It goes through the choice of the places you want to discover. National parks, cities, beaches and historic sites are some of the treasures awaiting you in Tanzania.

The must-see national parks of Tanzania

National parks are numerous in Tanzania. The best known is surely that of Serengeti. Surprising and surprising, it makes you live a real adventure. Tense your ears to hear the sound of hooves hitting the ground.

Observe carefully in your binoculars to find the lion's mane. And there, just behind a tree hides a giraffe. You take your eyes!

A similar adventure awaits you at Tarangire National Park. Small, it preserves the authenticity of parks shunned by tourists. The experience is all the more moving.

Zebras, buffaloes, warthogs and impalas are unveiled only under your eyes. Every second is a wonder. Wait for the sunset to discover the savannah through other colors.

The Selous Game Reserve is not a park per se. It is remarkable, however: it is the second largest reserve in the world. Traveled by the Rufiji River, it offers many surprises. Here rhinos run along the river. There, a crocodile reveals his back. In the distance, the birds fly away, as if awakened by the roar of a lion.

The must-see landforms in Tanzania

It is unthinkable to go through Tanzania without lingering in front of Mount Kilimanjaro. The most famous mountain in the world, it is also the highest on the African continent. From the ground, it is almost impossible to see its summit culminating at 5 892 meters. Indeed, it is often lost in the middle of the clouds. But when you finally see it, you discover it under its snowy coat.

At an altitude of 609 meters, Lake Natron is a haven of greenery. It is often decorated with flamingos which appreciate the heat of its climate and the richness of its waters. Human activity is rare in this sector. So, you have the lake for yourself. Sit down and contemplate. Watch the flight of birds. Admire the reliefs of the surroundings.

It is necessary to climb up to 2,300 meters of altitude to observe the beauty of the Ngorongoro crater. It has not erupted for a long time, allowing life to recover.

Today, thanks to the richness of its soils, a green grass has managed to grow. You are not alone in venturing into the 600 meter deep crater. Indeed, wild animals accompany you and live peacefully in the surroundings.

Top cities to see in Tanzania

Your tour of the cities of Tanzania must begin with Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania. Exploration is done inside and outside the city. Between its walls, you will find the protestant church Kanisa BIblia, Ismaili mosque or Lion Rock. Outside the capital, it is the large agricultural areas that catch your eye.

Zanzibar, and especially its old town, is a must-see for your trip. It's a real labyrinth of streets and alleys waiting for you. During your walk, you breathe the scent of cloves, you meet men in traditional dress, you marvel at the carved doors.

The beaches to discover in Tanzania

Coastal country, Tanzania has no less than 1,000 kilometers of coastline. It has the chance to be bordered by the Indian Ocean. You can go for a walk on the beaches of Zanzibar.

The decor is composed of palm trees and white sand. This is the ideal place to introduce you to diving, if you have the time. You can also laze on the beach of Pemba. More wild and small, it has creeks to explore without moderation.

For even more tranquility, you can descend to the south of Kilwa Masoko. Forgotten by tourists, these beaches give you the feeling of being on a lost island, right in the middle of the ocean. You then fully enjoy the walks, feet in the sand.

Historical and cultural sites to visit in Tanzania
Tanzania has played an important role in the history of the world. You will find historical vestiges, like those of KIlwa Kisiwani. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this site has long been important in trade with India, China, Persia and Tanzania.

In the center of the country, you can also observe the site of Kondoa. The parietal art is predominant there. This discovery is in the middle of the hills of Irangi, in the heart of nature. Get ready for a real dive into history!

All these must-see places in Tanzania are not the only way to discover the country. Sports and cultural activities are also a good way to learn more. Do you already know what excursions you will do?

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Nicki Jenns is a poet, writer, and author of the new novel We Were Already There