In this tutorial, we are going to reveal some of the best platforms for old hindi songs download and the steps to download the videos from these platforms. The best websites that will be mentioned below need Mozilla Firefox extension to ensure that the videos are downloaded.

The full process of downloading the extension has been explained at WikiHow (text link: where you can check the instructions to download the extension.

Let’s check out some of these sites.
1. Songs Lover
2. MTV Music
4. WonTube

1. Songs Lover:
• One of Indo-Pakistanis best music download platforms.
• Easyto useand simple interface.

How to download from Songs Lovers

a. The user must ensure that the URL of the web page is accessed.
b. The user must then click on the download link to access the page.
c. The user can choose the desired format so as toensure that the song begins to downloading.

2. MTV Music:

• It is a well-known brand all over the world.
• Songs can be searched using the categories.
• The site takes time to load.

How to download from MTV Music

a. The user must ensure that the URL of the web page is entered to obtain the homepage so as to proceed

b. Afterthis, the user needs to ensure that the name of the corresponding song is written in the search bar

c. Once the song appears, the user will see as the Firefox extension will change colors.

d. The user, afterthis, needs to ensure that the extension is clicked and the song is downloaded to the corresponding location on the computer to finish the process



• All genres are categorized making search easy
• The general interface of the site is very attractive
• The song library is not that big which makes it difficult to find songs sometimes.

How to download from

a. The user must ensure that the URL and the home page of the website are opened to continue.

b. After this, ensure that the name of songs or keywords are added to the search bar to proceed.

c. The Firefox extension turns colorful once again. Click on it to download the song and finish the whole process.

4. WonTube:

• The site is known all over the world and has a good rank atAlexa.
• The classification is done in alphabetical order which facilitates the search.
• The site is heavy and takes time to load.

How to download from WonTube

a. The user must go to the main page of the website through the link above.

b. Ensure that the relevant keywords are entered and the song is searched.

c. The user must then see that the song is playedwhichmakes the Firefox extension becomes colorful. After this, the user can download the song to the desired location to complete the process.

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