Best Position For Women's Pleasure: How Much Time It Takes To Satisfy A Woman

So, what is the best position for female orgasms? Maybe you can't give orgasms to your partner and you think the sex position you two are using is to blame for this. Well - it can indeed be the case. Some sexual positions are better than others for orgasms.

The Best Sex Position For Females

The best sexual position for female orgasms is a position in which the female has the control. It's very simple. This is the case for both genders - when you have the control, you orgasm much quicker. For example, when you are masturbating you ejaculate much faster than when you are receiving a hand job or a blow job. This is because when you are masturbating, you have the control; and when you are receiving a hand job or a blow job the control is in the female, seriously making the time you need for having an orgasm longer.

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Which Positions Are These?

The most traditional female controlled sexual position is the "woman on top" position. Actually, a variant of it (since sometimes you can have the control in that position as well) in which you just lay back and enjoy the pleasure, and she guides the action on top of you. Giving her the control will do a great job of quickening the female orgasm process.

Is This Position Good For Any Other Reason?

Yes, it is. This variant of the woman on top position is great when it comes to stimulating the G-Spot, provided your "goods" down there are enough to create friction. Moreover, since you do not have to worry about doing anything else (since she has the control) your hands and mind are free. This allows you to use your hands to further stimulate your partner's clitoris, quickening her orgasm even more.

This is the best position for female orgasms, but keep in mind that female orgasms are not solely dependent on the position. Sure, the position can be very important but equally important can be your penis size. If you are not adequate, the friction and pressure that will be created by your penis (since it's the only thing that is stimulating her!) might not be enough to take her over the edge and provide an ecstatic orgasm. Other concerns for the female orgasm are the atmosphere, and how long you keep the foreplay before actually penetrating her. Keeping it longer can help greatly in making her readier for the process!

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The main aim of having sex for both partners is to achieve an ultimate climax in the form of an orgasm. The fact is that women take longer than men when it comes to the matter of achieving an orgasm and this is the reason why you would need extra effort to really pleasure a woman in bed. But there are some secret underground techniques using which you will be able to make her orgasm extremely fast. Read on to discover what these techniques are and how you can make her orgasm fast as well........

Start by talking about it- Open her mind to this whole concept first. The strong sexual orgasm for a woman is her mind and in order to really lead her to a mind blowing orgasm you must stimulate her mind then the body. The problem is that most guys seem to get physical and never bother to get emotional with her.

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Focus on her fantasies- The next step would be to ask her to share her most sensual fantasies with you and ask her what's the wildest ever thing she always wanted to do. Doing this would open her up and she would tell you what she really wants. You see doing this would tell you what she really likes and if you give her what she really likes and desires there is absolutely no way she would not experience peak pleasure in bed.

Give her an exceptional foreplay- Do you know that a woman can achieve several orgasms during foreplay alone if you do it the right way? Always make it count to spend as much time as possible in the foreplay and arousal. The more turned on she would be the faster she would be able to orgasm with you.

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It becomes every man's desire to be mind blowing in bed and thus satisfy his woman to the maximum. If you keep your goal in mind it will not be that difficult a feat to achieve.

But if you have just your immediate satisfaction only in mind then you might sway from a long time goal and lose the fruit of a mind blowing event in bed.

Being romantic in speech and deed- One needs to romance his partner verbally and physically. You cannot afford to be a simpleton without any humor, incapable of joking or being humorous.

So, also is it with the physical side of your behavior. You should be flirtatious in your mannerism and indulge in certain amount of petting and necking and kissing to arouse your girl.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

Organize a really romantic ambience- If you want your girl to be aroused then create an ambience with dim lights and soft music to arouse her feelings for sex.

Sip some wine and then take her in your arms to the rhythm of some really romantic music that would have the mercury rising as you both dance on.

You could start on the foreplay- And as you embrace her, kiss her and fondle her where you can feel her bare skin. Gently stroke her on the arms and at the neck. Kiss her at the throat and nuzzle her as you do so.

Gently reach out for her breasts and massage the mounds. Titillate her nipples as they harden. Do not be in a hurry to undress her yet. The suspense and the delay will arouse her still more.

The final act- Now carry her and place her down comfortably on a couch or bed, and undress and caress her alternately on different parts of her body. The vulva, vaginal lips and the clitoris are the most exciting places.

And finally the g spot will give her that mind blowing effect.

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I am going to assume that you like to sexually satisfy your woman and that you would enjoy giving her even better sex.

If I'm right in assuming those things, please read on carefully because you'll find the 5 powerful SEX TIPS in this article very useful.

Sex Tip 1: Give Your Woman Amazing Foreplay

Most guys avoid foreplay like the plague.


You see, women LOVE foreplay.

So if you want to give your woman MUCH BETTER SEX -- you need to give her amazing foreplay.

Here's how:

- Take your time (do not rush)

- Tease her and slowly build up her sexual excitement

- Give her a clitoral orgasm and one or two vaginal orgasms (more on vaginal orgasms later)

Sex Tip 2: Think 'Outside The Box'

Doing the same things over and over again can lead to boredom. So each time you have sex with your woman you should think 'outside the box' and try something new.

It could be a new sex position, a new location or a new sex toy.

Whatever you like.

Just let your imagination run riot and keep the sex fun and interesting.

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Sex Tip 3: Make The Sex Naughty

Contrary to what many men think -- women do really enjoy NAUGHTY SEX.

The question is:

- How do you make the sex 'naughty'?

The answer is that you can do many naughty things in the bedroom with your woman. Here are a few ideas:

- Leave her panties on whilst you are having sex

- Slap her bottom

- Touch her anus

- Get the video camera out and film yourselves 'doing it'

- Have a threesome

Just make it naughty and your woman will love it. Guaranteed.

Sex Tip 4: Start Talking Dirty

One of the best ways to give your woman the NAUGHTY SEX she really craves is to start talking dirty.

Dirty talk is extremely powerful for a woman and will give your woman way more sexual pleasure than physical techniques could ever do on their own.

To give your woman GREAT SEX -- you must talk dirty. Period.

Sex Tip 5: Give Her Vaginal Orgasms

70% of women have only ever had clitoral orgasms.

But if you want to give your woman MUCH BETTER SEX, you must give her vaginal orgasms because they are more pleasurable, intense and totally mind-blowing than the much more common clitoral orgasms.

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