It is best to stop using the conventional approaches to manage student behavior and discipline in classrooms. Instead, try to understand the cause of the behavior and then strategize the procedures of classroom management to solve the types of behavior problems that are present in students. For this, however, you will need to take up a classroom behavior management course from a training institute.

Sometimes, your students in the classroom will come and ask you things that you don’t have any answer to. In these type of situations you will ask them to keep quiet and tell them that some of the things in the world do not exist. But in the process however, you must not be too harsh to them. Children have an inborn curiosity to know things. Though as a teacher you will need to escalate the interest, it is better to restraint them at times when they are portraying disruptive behavior.

When you are in a classroom you are always surrounded by drama. If and when you are tired of the drama by your students, an intervention is utmost necessary. Teach your students to control their emotions. If you work with adolescents, it will be necessary to take up a certificate course in classroom behavior management because they require a different treatment.

At certain times students will be in making chaos due to anger, anxiety, or distress. Here, your weapon of managing them is to promote the idea of ‘No Extreme Emotions’ as a way out of this constant discomfort. You have to understand that children as well as adolescents do not have any idea about their conduct.

Sometimes, it is necessary to teach your students about the terms "depression," and help them in to curb their regularly occurring behavior. You can also play the ‘Recession-depression’ game. You will divide students into two groups and ask them to determine the truth about what can happen to them if they do not behave properly in the classrooms. Of course you must not tell them about punishments, but make some stories where the outcome is grim for those who do not behave. On the other hand, reward correct answers by giving students some chocolates.
In the classroom behavior management course you will you will learn the basic psychological traits that define a character. In the childhood period the personality slowly develops and this is the crucial time when teachers will need to determine the problems and needs in the classroom. Sometimes, children indulge in disruptive behavior due to unmet needs. Along with this, there are plenty of factors that work in contributing to bad behavior for children.

Behavior management was typically not a widely covered topic in schools or universities. But today, this has become highly important, where assessment and actual methods are used to solve problems as well as learn the topics as teachers and this will only become possible by taking up a certificate course in classroom behavior management. But unfortunately, learning how to manage these behavior problems in the classroom has not yet been addressed at large.

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Laxmon Gope is an efficient behavior manager and teacher at Institute of International Teachers Training. He trains students in the classroom behavior management course with hands on training and other real world examples.