Every retailer knows that the first step you need to take to ensure that your physical retail business attracts customers if to get it to be noticed. Smart retailers know that this starts with a good signage that will drive foot traffic and in turn drive sales.

For signage to work as a strategy for attracting new customers, it should be done by an experienced San Diego sign company that knows how to get everything organized. Incorrectly done signage, just like a badly done website, can cause confusion and make your potential clients have doubts about your business.

A good sign shop will tell you that making a quality sign requires a certain amount of planning and development. The sign should be able to meet the clients set expectations for visibility, color, messaging and also the quality of the material. And like with employees, signs can be structured to perform on-the-job tasks such as a general product information and usage, way-finding, sales information, among others.

Whether you’re hiring signage or working with a San Diego sign company to come up with permanent signs for your brick-and-mortar store, there are certain best practices that you must ensure are adhered to.

Keep it Simple:  A sign with too much information is easy for customers to ignore. No one wants to read anything too much nowadays. A good sign should, therefore, use therefore pass the five-second rule; which means that the message should be conveyed I less than five seconds after the intended person reads it. If you have a longer message, a sign shop can help you come up with a series of short signs to convey the message more clearly and in a less cluttered way.

Be specific: Narrowcasting, or the use of a customized sign to convey the right message in the right place, is something that should never escape any retailer using signage to attract foot traffic. During the design stage for the sign, specific details like relevant production information, instructions and other specific details should always be included.

Use the Right Font: in journalism is it always taught that the punchline matters in every print media. This principle is what is rolled over to signage. It is important to write a headline text as this will help you to be both simple and concise at the same time. Simplify your text as much as possible. This can be done by using a message hierarchy that starts from a headline, explanatory text and then ultimately a call to action. Remove as many extra words and prepositions as possible to make your message simple but clear.

Include a Call to action: The main purpose of signage is to work as an advertisement. Every advertiser knows that you must call customers to action to declare the ad effective. Every type of sign should have the end goal of getting customers to do something.

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