1. Income

2. Physical Health

3. Joy in Living

Research has shown the above 3 are some of the best predictors of successful aging. Where do you fit in on this list?

Having your finances in order breathes a huge sigh of relief in our lives. Stress from debt can cause one to age rapidly and as we know, stress takes a toll on our physical health. Headaches, stomachaches, tension, high blood pressure (just to name a few, but I could go on and on) are just a few ways stress manifests itself in our bodies. How much stuff do you really need anyway? Instead of buying and spending money, seek the experience instead (see earlier blog posting).

Physical Health means staying active, it doesn’t mean having the body of a supermodel. Be fit. Keep moving. Embrace your body, respect it and treat it well. It will serve you well later in life if you eat properly, exercise and feel good in your clothing. I promise you that.

Joy in Living, YES!! My favorite topic!! Find out what brings you joy in your life and incorporate more of it. Don’t focus on what brings you down, in fact, don’t even hang around with anyone who makes you feel bad or casts a negative shadow on your life.

As I come upon my professional seminars over the next few months for those licensed in the Mental Health field, (the topic is Stress and Job Burnout: When to Get Out or Go Back In?), I studied a lot of what stress does to the body and I encourage you to de-stress and practice those coping skills. Those who age well have an optimistic outlook on life; they found their joy in living! It is never too late to make some changes in your life…start by spending less, getting an education, stay active, find an exercise you enjoy and do it often, find what makes you happy and brings you joy and welcome it in your life each and every day.

Embrace your age, be better than you used to be, it’s your choice. Make the right one.

Author's Bio: 

Julie McGrath, LICSW is the founder of The Joy Source which offers workshops and retreats to inspire women to live their best life full of joy and passion. More information can be found at http://www.thejoysource.com. And to register for her CEU mental health seminars, visit http://www.thejoysource.com/seminars.html.