Pulling out the gun is more accessible than reloading, which is accurate both in real life and in video games. However, much like your primary weapon, you'll want your handgun to be dependable when it's time to use it. So, you're asking yourself, "What is the perfect gel blaster pistol?"

You won't have to fear because we'll provide you with a "no BS" rundown of the best gel blaster guns to consider.

I'll suggest a hop-up for each Gel blaster gun I recommend. Any gel blaster will benefit from a hop-up because it increases accuracy and range.

Top Gel Blaster Pistols:

• Complete Automatic SKD M1911 Electric Hopper-fed Just a few 7.4v 300 150FPS 15RPS on 7.4v Battery 19.6RPS on 11.1v Battery

• SKD Glock G18 Electric Mag-fed Full & Semi-Automatic 6RPS 7.4v 35 140FPS

• RenXiang Desert Eagle Electric Mag-fed Full Automatic Only 6RPS 7.4v 35

• Gel Blaster SKD M1911 (SKD M1911 CS-007

• Toy Pistol SKD M1911 Hopper Gel Blaster

This hopper-fed gel blaster is generally regarded as one of the best gas gel blasters handguns on the market today, and it's a fair assessment. The M1911 fires at a blistering 15 bullets per second and have a transparent hopper that can accommodate up to 300 gel balls. The hopper attaches to a connector piece that slips onto the blaster's top rail. Three extra rails on the sides and bottom can be used to mount lasers, flashlights, grips, and other accessories. Additional adapters are included with the blaster, but they're more for display than for practicality. The battery compartment is seen as the bottom rail swings open. It should be noted that it only shoots in full-auto mode.

The fact that you can add an 11.1v battery for an even higher rate of fire is incredible. My chronograph indicated a rate of 20 rounds per second, which is incredible. Only make sure it's the right size (1800mAh, 62mm x 18mm) to fit in the battery compartment. I'll provide a guide to the exact battery in this article.

With speeds of up to 150FPS, this is currently the most powerful stock pistol available. The SKD M1911 is the gun to have if the big hopper doesn't trouble you.

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