Facing the entrance exam for state universities is not the same as facing the national exam.

Did you know that the questions from the entrance examinations of state universities such as SBMPTN, SIMAK UI, and UM only take 50% of the material taught in high school?

In fact, the remaining 50% can only be found in the introductory textbooks for the first semester. Want to enter Favorite PTN? Click here for Bimbel Masuk PTN Favorit

The question is, does the school teach that?

Of course not because schools only take their students to graduate from high school, do not pass to the state university exam. The material taught in schools is only limited to the face of school exams and national exams.

Here, we realize that the need for students to be accepted into state universities every year is very high. Moreover, studying at public universities is a dream for high school student alumni because the quality of study program accreditation is not in doubt. But, of course, to be able to pass the exam requires a lot of effort.

Starting from this, we from the Privat Masuk PTN can help your sons and daughters to succeed and be accepted into their dream college.

For parents:

The best investment to realize your son / daughter's dream of studying at dream state universities such as UI, ITB, UGM, UNDIP, UNPAD, and other universities. You don't need to worry because in this program we constantly monitor students 24 hours a day to ensure your children's needs are met.

For student:

• The best learning experience. Guided by outstanding and competent teachers in their fields.
• Direction of the best study program. Our team will always direct your interests and talents to suit your chosen study program.
• Get the best service to support the learning process every day.

Privat Masuk PTN Vision

Providing systematic, accurate, and directed learning services in realizing the dream of students being accepted at the college of his dreams.

Privat Masuk PTN Mission

• Success was accepted at the dream state college.
• Intensive guidance and focus so that each student's needs are met.
• Students feel comfortable and can give their best performance in dealing with thousands of SBMPTN practice questions, SIMAK UI. UGM UGM, and other independent exams.

Types of private services

• High school / vocational / equivalent private lessons for all subjects
• Private Plus National and International High School curriculum
• Intensive private tutoring daily / grade promotion test (UKK)
• Intensive private lessons UTS / UAS / UKK / UN
• SBMPTN Private Lessons
• SIMAK UI Private Lessons (Regular, Parallel, International)
• UTUL UGM Private Tutoring, UM UNDIP, USM ITB, and other independent examinations.
• Public English private lessons (General English, Conversation English, TOEFL, IELTS)
• Private Lessons Best Learning Camp program specifically to face the examinations of state universities.

Why do you have to choose Privat Masuk PTN ?

1. S1, S2, and Alumni UI / UGM / ITB teachers who are achievers and are competent in their fields.
2. Department consulting services, counseling, majors strategy selection, and sharing sessions with high achieving alumni from selected PTNs.
3. Strategic private tutoring learning locations, close to the UI education environment, malls, cafes, etc.
4. Affordable private lessons.
5. Private tutoring fees paid include a learning module.
6. Private tutoring evaluations are given regularly.

Author's Bio: 

Privat Masuk PTN always provides the best instructors and reliable program consultants so that children can determine PTN and the right majors according to their interests.