I have two main pet peeves. I can’t stand people who get multiple readings and people who pick their scabs. My brother used to have the nasty habit of picking his scabs when we were younger. I suppose that he got some kind of sick pleasure out of reopening a wound and watching it bleed. Or maybe it was a cry for help. Besides, blood trickling down a child’s knee is definitely an attention getter. I still can remember people’s response. First, they’d ask if he was okay, then they would scorn him with the words “ quit picking at it!”

Those words still resonate with me today, especially when people tell me that they are addicted to psychics. These are the people who call me asking for help, only after they have spoke to a dozen of other people who have told them things that they probably didn’t want to hear. Then, they go on and tell me horror stories about how they were cheated, ripped off and taken for everything that they had. They failed to understand that these psychics were just picking at their scabs and making them bleed.

Divinations basically work in two ways. A diviner can use his or her intuition. Or they can use tools. In Yoruba, diviners use the Obi Abata, which is the Nigerian name for kola nuts. Others use cowrie shells or Tarot cards. Contrary to popular belief, these systems actually measure the probability of a certain outcome.

I’ve said it a dozen times. Ifa is about nature and nature is about evolution. With that said, according to the laws of nature, defined by the concepts of quantum theory. No one can foretell the future with a hundred-percent accuracy. This is because energy is always vibrating; this constitutes movement, and brings about change. The universe is in a constant state of change.

Is your head spinning yet? Well it’s about to when I tell you what constitutes movement. In scientific terms it’s called velocity. In spiritual terms it is called intention. Before the invention of microscopes, our ancestors had the innate ability to understand nature. They understood that the atom was the smallest unit of life that spun at a certain frequency. They knew that energy in its purest form was neutral, and that it was the power of intention that made it positive or negative.

Today, scientists also understand this concept by studying the language of nature. They now know that an atom spins both counter-clockwise and clockwise at the same time, it is the velocity that causes it to move in a certain direction. In dummy terms, it is your intention that influences the outcome of the reading.

But here’s the tricky part! It is not only your intention that influences the reading and the future. It is the intention of the diviner, and all other people involved. For example, if you go in and ask the diviner if your husband still loves you. The outcome is actually influenced by the diviner’s intentions, your intentions, and your husband’s intentions. Then, it is the battle of the minds. The person with the strongest intention wins and the shells/cards will fall in their favor. This concept explains why different diviners produce different results.

All diviners are not created equally. Some are stronger than others. The secret is to find a diviner who has an incredibly strong intention. These diviners are able to set the present in motion so the future is beneficial to you. Other readings will just be counterproductive and as senseless as ripping the skin from your wound and watching it bleed. So if you are on the multiple reading bandwagon, “quit picking at it!” Let your wounds heal and find a diviner that can really help you.

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