In the globe every person is unique and having unique quality. Greatly liberating to the people who work or interact closely with them because creativity is encouraged rather than prevented. This principle is succinctly epitomized in what is known as Commander's Intent: a 21st-century military tactic that simplifies campaigns by rallying the troops under one main result rather than a series of objectives.
Successful people focus on the positive
What’s good in a situation? They don't get sucked into a vortex of negativity, and they surround themselves with others who see the world as a positive place. Many of them have a gratitude practice (as I do--I post my day's gratitude every day on Facebook).

They're also people who like being around others, who listen and validate those others and make them feel important, and who understand that's not all about themselves. They look for opportunities to connect those folks with people they need to know, and they bring them up as they succeed.

I use these tools daily in my work as a profitability consultant for green and social entrepreneurship businesses--and multiple-award-winning author of 10 books, I show businesses how they can go beyond mere sustainability.
Problem Solvers
Whether it be finding a quick fix to a sudden issue which is preventing them from doing their job or coming up with creative ideas for the next project or campaign, good problem solvers will always find success.
When managers pick up on their skill of solving problems, they will begin to use them as a go-to person whenever something goes wrong. Anybody who is relied upon so heavily by managers is always likely to be valued highly and so are more likely to progress up the company.
Positive Attitude
You can teach an apprentice or trainee pretty much everything they need to know about the job, but you can’t teach attitude. Somebody who is motivated to do well, is enthusiastic about the job and passionate about the company is destined to succeed as you know they are going to be
extremely hard working and are going to do everything in their power to make sure they do a good job.
Once you’ve taught these people the key skills, their drive will ensure they continue to do a job which your company can be proud of. These employees also tend to be the hungriest and will be more determined to progress up the company than other staff. As soon as they’ve perfected one role, they will be driven to learn another skill, which bodes well for their future.

Those who are successful did not become that way without others stepping in to offer advice and hard work. A successful person who loves technology who is generous in the beginning (before their success) is most attractive, but someone who has reached a level of financial stability and can afford to offer time, energy, and money to others will be most respected if they share what they have with others.

Reading Habit:
One of the best quality for a successful person. If one is reading books means he is getting experience from that person life.
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Some might list integrity higher on the list, but I believe that, if you’re compassionate and generous, it’s likely that you’ve established a level of integrity. Those lacking integrity tend to concentrate solely on making money. They don’t put people as a priority, and therefore, they are not likely to be either compassionate or generous.
Successful people attract because of their aura of trust, connection and empowerment. A successful person has by definition had to navigate the tumultuous waters of disappointments, frustrations and setbacks more than once in life. They are experienced sailors in rough seas and transmit calm to those around them.

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