Joomla is one of the top three CMS (Content Management System) in the world used for developing a number of websites which are currently running on the world wide web. Joomla has many templates which are suited for many different kinds of websites.

Nowadays, responsivity is a big factor when it comes to selecting a Joomla template. This means that your website is responsive on every handheld devices, be it mobile phones, tablets, iPads, etc.

Let us look at these 6 highly responsive Joomla templates which are suitable for designing a number of websites:

1. JD Shop

JD Shop is a beautiful, elegant and a minimalistic look Joomla template designed exclusively for making any eCommerce websites. It has shopping extension like HikaShop that easily imports a variety of products in your product listings. It is also integrated with blogging extensions like K2 and Easy Blog that lets you do hassle-free blogging on your site with full content control.

2. JD Guerrilla

JD Guerrilla is one of the most popular Joomla templates for developing a range of business and startup websites. Powered by Helix 3 framework, this Joomla template is highly responsive. Apart from K2 and Easy Blog integration, JD Guerrilla has Chronoforms 6 which lets you easily create forms on your website. This is a great feature as it also helps you get valuable feedback from your customers.

3.JD Restaurant

JD Restaurant is a Joomla template used for designing the cafes and restaurant websites. It has a clean design that comes with SP Page Builder Pro that can create web pages with simple drag and drop feature. It has lightweight code which makes this website fast on multiple browsers. The theme is SEO friendly and you don’t have to worry about your site ranking on Google search.

4. JD Medical

As the name suggests, JD Medical is developed only for designing different websites related to health and clinic. It is built with SP Page Builder Pro which gives you an edge in designing your website. With SP Page Builder Pro you can create web pages with a simple drag and drop feature. You can also create beautiful sliding elements as it supports Smart Slider 3 Pro for this feature.

5. JD NewYork

It is a free Joomla theme which is mainly designed for small business owners and agency websites. JD NewYork has a mega menu and drops down menu which is used in displaying large menu within the template. With fast and lightweight coding, it is fully responsive on all devices and is SEO friendly.

6. JD NewJersey

JD NewJersey is another free Joomla theme that is used for designing any kind of website, be it a corporate website or even an online store. It supports both VirtueMart and HikaShop extensions. It also supports JEvents that helps you host any event and Kunena forum that can set up your personal online forum.

Summing up

You are left with a number of choices to choose from. Each template is unique in its own way having a number of great features. Out of six, two of the templates described above are free. Before opting for any Joomla theme, assess the needs of your project and then move ahead.

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