There are many destinations on the planet that travellers can choose to go to and enjoy a great holiday. One of the best destinations is certainly Africa. Africa is home to abundant and diverse wildlife. Great animals such as the African elephant and African lion entertain guests as they roam in their natural environment. When guests leave Africa, many of them explain how visiting the continent gave them a positive new perspective of nature and their own place within nature. Perhaps it is because this continent is the place where humanity began. It is the continent where the human story first began. Visitors also explain how a holiday here satisfies a primitive longing to “return home”. This article shall briefly describe one of the best destinations in Africa where guests are sure to enjoy an authentic safari experience. This place is South Africa.

South Africa is one of the most diverse countries in the world, and tourists are often amazed by the diverse combinations of culture, people, history and landscapes that South Africa has to offer. There are so many tourist attractions and things to do, making every visit to South Africa worthwhile.

One of the best places to visit is the Kruger National Park in South Africa. The Kruger is one of the most visited National Parks in the world and is vast in size, covering the same area as the country of Wales. This place is renowned for its incredible game viewing and Big 5 safaris. Apart from Big 5 game drives, guests can also enjoy bush walks, night drives, sleep-outs under the stars, bird-watching and off-road game drives in private areas. The Kruger National Park offers an abundance of wildlife including approximately five hundred bird species, one hundred and fifty mammals as well as bushman rock paintings and archaeological sites. Any African safaris to this destination are spectacular.

Another wonderful place to visit when on holiday in South Africa is Cape Town. One of the best activities to take part in is shark diving. This part of the world is home to abundant great white sharks. Guests are sure to be thrilled by these huge predators of the ocean. The spectacle of seeing these large predators leap clean out of the water is nothing short of amazing. From within the safety of a metal cage, guests can get within close proximity of great white sharks.

The activity of cage diving with great white sharks together with going on safari holidays in places like the Kruger National Park make South Africa a wonderful destination to visit on holiday. Guests to this wonderful African country are sure to enjoy the best of Africa.

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