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A country’s economy flourishes only when knowledge is ignited. And knowledge can be ignited in the true sense if there is creative learning. The advantage of such an education system extends beyond the economic development to humanity, compassion, and social wellness.
For learning to consummate in this manner the education system needs to be all inclusive, letting creativity and freedom of thought soar high. Only when the mind is set free creative thinking results in innovative strategies.
Be it lateral thinking, abstract thinking, design thinking or systems thinking it is all about creativity. Take VFX for example where high-end technology used to bring about the desired special visual effects, but it is all due to a powerful creative concept.
So, when Archimedes, the famous Greek mathematician, physicist and astronomer cried Eureka, it was not just about science it was more about high level of creative thinking because breaking out of the conventional patterns is creative thinking.
There are some schools that believe in such kind of education system and are practicing it diligently. Schools that have implemented such strategies have produced exceptional leaders and great humanists. Such educational institutions believe that unless the mind is set free deep thinking will not happen, hence ideas will not be innovative, sustainable living along with economic progression will not happen.
Unlike general perception, creativity is not limited to only artists. Today, creativity is one of the most important sought-after skills in companies.
And there is a reason why creative thinking is sought after today. Creative thinkers have an open mind, they are unbiased, possess problem solving skills, and are excellent communicators. Imbibing such qualities in potential leaders, therefore, should begin during the formative years.
Children’s imagination is boundless, and this is the time to tap the potential of such young impressionable minds as they are unknown to the conventional or stereotypical ways of thinking and living. Creative thinking can happen only when the mind is free.
In the corporate world, creative thinkers have an edge over others. The general perception of the corporate world being ruthless is a thing of the past. Now, creative thinking is the show-stealer. It leads to growth and happiness for all in the company and self-growth for the leader.
While most of the schools across the globe are desperately vying to bring about educational reforms for effective implementation of creative education Little Genius International, Italy has been promoting these principles since its inception. In fact, the school was established for this very purpose.
So, when most other schools were just thinking of bringing about reforms, Little Genius International had already started implementing them. Known as one of the 10 best Italian/global B-Corporations, the school encourages lateral thinking, rigor, social responsibility, leadership, promotes critical analysis, creative thought, opportunities and freedom of thought and augmented learning.

The school is blending culture, ethics, language, science and technology to produce wholesome individuals ready to brave the challenges of the modern world and to succeed as well and to bring about positive changes in the society.

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